I Hope I M Pregnant

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melissa w. - February 2

my last period started jan 11.... my husband and i really don't understand the ovulation thing so we tryed on jan 27, 29 & 30... did i figure right or am i'm way off.. could there be a possibilty i am???? thanks melissa


jenn_ns - February 2

To understand when you're ovulating, you need to keep track of your BBT (Basal Body Temperature). Most of us around here use Fertility Friend and know when we're ovulating. You can get a BBT thermometer at any drug store, and you have to temp first thing in the morning, before you speak, drink or even get out of bed (I keep mine under my pillow). GL Melissa!


sarahd - February 2

To even make a guess at your ovulation time, we'd need to know how long your cycles are. Jenn is right, the best way to know if/when you're ovulating is by temping, some people really like using opks as well.


Kayliesmommy - February 2

I think you are off unless you have a long cycle 32+ days then its possible.....


orchidmom - February 3

I have no clue about this.. but i like Jenn's suggestion.. i think i will also follow it..


krissy2006 - February 4

Melissa, for a cycle that is between 22-26 days you might ovulate between cycle day (CD) 10-14, for a cycle from 26-30 days between cycle day 14-16 and for cycles longer than 30 days you might ovulate anywhere between cycle day 17 and up. Just depends. Jenn_ns is absolutely 100% correct that temping is the ONLY conclusive way to determine when or if you are ovulating. Other factors that will help but are NOT conclusive are checking your cm =cervical mucous and doing OPKs. When you are ovulating your cervical mucous will be thin and clear or opaque and very water and/or stretchy like raw eggwhites. ++ OPKs are self explanatory but even if you get a ++ keep testing because one positive does not mean that you will ovulate on that lh surge (a woman can have many throughout her cycle) Once you have a positive OPK and then start to get negative ones you can a__sume you will ovulate about 24-72 hours after and that is the BEST time to have s_x. Again though the BBT temping (accompanied by any one of these other methods especially) is the best way to find when you ovulate. :P



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