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Tabitha - April 15

I am posting this not sure if I have to register or what before it will let me but I have so many questions. I am lost. I will get to the point. Last month my period was 14 days late. I had brown spotting two weeks before that when my period was due and when I did start it was bright bright red with no cramping at all. Then it went away for a whole day. The next time (3rd day) it was pink. Then on the fourth day it was bright bright red again but not so heavy. I went to the doctor right after this and begged for a blood test about 15 days past conception and it was a quantative test. When I called to get results, the lady at the desk said it was negative. Aren't they supposed to measure the levels and tell you what they are? Anyway it has been almost 35 days since conception and home tests are still neg. I am having horrible headaches daily. I only get a headache the day before my period usually starts. Not for weeks at a time. And for the past three weeks I have had horribly noticable blue veins all throughout my br___t and wrapped around my areola. Mostly on my left and my right one isn't too sore but my left one hurts bad to the touch especially where the veins are. Which they are everywhere. I know you can imagine symptoms but I know I didn't imagine the brown spotting or odd period 14 days late. I know I am not imaging these veins on my br___ts or the soreness in them. My mom saw them too and she thinks I am. So why am I getting negatives? Do you have to be almost two months or so before you can find out. What else could cause veins and spotting when you have never had them before. And what could cause bright red bleeding and then missed a day then another day of pink, then back to bright red with no cramping whatsoever? I hope this thing goes through. I am so scared and need advice right away. Thank you so very much.


jena - April 15

well it seems like something is up! that's good you had a quant_tative test - yes, they should have told you what the number was (well, i guess i asked on mine)... has your period this month come? or is it late? are you ttc? i would see a doctor if i were you (it's not urgent, don't worry) just to see why your body is acting differently. usually you find out before you are 2 months along. but let us know if you are late this month too or if you got your period yet... good luck!


to tabitha - April 15

Have doc check for etopic pregnancy.


Tabitha - April 15

I am so excited that this worked. Usually you get the forums where you have to register and blah, blah. Takes forever. Anyway. Thank you so much. What exactly is an ectopic pregnancy? I haven't had any cramps with the bleeding and no my period hasn't came yet this month. But there are still around 15-16 days left of this month so anything can happen. I am not trying but I am ready if I were to get pregnant. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and plan on marrying. I am 25 and he is 27. I don't know what an eptopic pregnancy is but it doesn't sound the best. Please tell me what to look for on that. Thank you again so very much.


stacey - April 15

It's when the egg implants somewhere besides the uterus...ex: fallopian tubes..Symptom of it is pain in left shoulder blade. google it for more explaination. Some people just don't get pos. on tests. I just read a story on pregnancy test page about someone 15 weeks pregnant- neg. blood and urine tests, but had an ultrasound and was pregnant- healthy baby. What about a cyst? I know they can cause some symptoms. Ask for an u/s just to be sure- if blood tests are coming back neg.


Tabitha - April 16

Girls I was wondering. Do you think it is possible that these veins and swollenness on only one b___st could be something else. Could I be in danger of cancer or something? I am starting to believe the tests but that doesn't change the fact that I have a very different b___st right now. Now I am really stressed. Thanks.



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