I Just Got My BFP Here Were My Signs

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AmyB - January 28

i got my BFP at 10dpo...for a week i had hickups...a spat of diarriah, and peeing all the time... so i took a test at 9dpo at night and the line was so faint i thought it was an evap so i tested again 10dpo in the afternoon and "pregnant" on the digital! just wanted to share the odd symptoms i had!


jezebel1018 - January 28

congratulations on your bfp!!


Kairi_x - January 28

congrats!! have a happy and healthy 9months :) xx


lastchance - January 28

Congrats.. any cramps?


austynsmommy - January 28



keerthy - January 28

congrats !!!!


MelissaP - January 28

Yay Amy!! Speaking of the hiccups...my sister has had them for like 3 days straight...and she said she saw on a show that a girl had hiccups and she was pregnant...she started freaking out..haha....she just had a baby in october...LOL


mjvdec01 - January 28



Sandy81 - January 28

Hey! I am new to this board but not new to reading online articles night after night about pregnancy signs. Early ones at that! Thank you for sharing with us! What stood out from your signs was: Hiccups. My AF is due Feb 8th and I've been ttc since myt last AF. For a lil over the past week I have been hiccuping all day, burping had spats of diareah.. weird mild head aches and now I have lower abdominal cramping as if my AF is coming. This past wkend I had tugging sensation there as well. In the day time when I don't eat I feel mildly sick similiar to the feeling you get when you just ga__sed up your car and smell the gasoline and then feel a lil icky after for a few. So I dunno... the cramps and the hiccups etc are wat is really making me think. Also, I feel as if my AF is going to come out and I keep running to the bathroom. But again, not due till the 8/9th. Well, sorry so long and thanks again! Hope we can use this if I get a BFP :)


Sandy81 - January 28

One more thing... I called my mom to ask her about her pregnancy with me (26 yrs ago!) and she said she threw up, had sore b___bs and could smell feet a mile away (haha) but when i told her about the GAS and the hiccups she said: no those aren't signs. It's funny when I ask ppl who are around her age about their signs they say: only throwing up, etc. Boy have times changed or what? Who woulda thought, hiccups right?


AmyB - January 30

i did have mild cramping


icelandmommy - January 30



AmyB - January 30

thanks for all the congrats! this is #4! i am very excited..



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