I Just Got The Worst New Ever Sort Of

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tish - May 8

i just found out that my work is now canceling their part time benefits. so since i only work 35 hours a week, i am still part time, my benefits are being cancelled. so after the month of may, i will have no more insurance. i am sooooooooooo p___sed. i want to ring my bosses neck right now. what were they thinking. with out my benefits, there is no way i can afford to have a baby. or get any fertility drugs if needed. or see my gyno anymore, he is the most expensive gyno in town. i feel like crying right now. i don't know what i am going to do.


gina143 - May 8

awwww! Im sorry to here that!!


Lin - May 8

I'm so sorry to hear that, tish! Are you in the States? If so, then most businesses offer Cobra plans when your benefits are discontinued. You should have the option to continue them, but unfortunately I think you do have to pay through the nose for them. Doesn't your dh/bf/df have health insurance you can go on?


tish - May 8

my hubbys insurance is open enrollment only. and they just had their enrollment in march, so it is almost a year until i can get in on his. i am going to apply for some induvidual plans, but i am just afraid that everything with decent maternity coverage will cost so much. and i have a history of anemia and thalasemia, so that may make it very difficult to get accepted in the first place.


Amber #2 - May 8

Hey tish, most insurances are open enrollment only, however if there is a "life changing" experience then you can usually get on. That is a spouse losing a job or insurance, death in the family, a new baby being born, marriage, etc... I would at least have him check into it. It's worth a shot! Sorry you are having to go through this!


linds99 - May 8

That sucks Tish...always getting screwed by corporate America at the wrong time! Of course your age considered, but my sister (34) has a Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan she took out about 2 months ago on her own and she pays about $312 per month (including $25 copay for doctor visits) for her only. If you really want to have the best care available to you and are will to forego some extra money every month (it's about a car payment) I would use Blue Cross Blue Shield...But Aetna is the most popular plan today, check out both of those...get the ball rolling if you don't want to use the Cobra plan...which I think is only good for 6-months. Good luck...


muhrea - May 8

Hey tish- Also look into "Maternity Card." (www.maternitycard.com) I inquired about help through them when I wasn't sure if I could get added on to my husband's plan. Most individual insurance co's that I called said that there was a 6 month - 1 year waiting period before you would get maternity coverage. Make sure you check into that befoer signing up with a company!



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