I Just Lost My Baby Dog Who Was Like A Child To Me

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nino3 - February 17

I know this isnt a ttc. question but juat am sooo miserable right now. My baby Yorkie Daisy was attacked by a dog last week and killed. Its really hard on me with all the ttc i had a huge attachment to her. Treated her more like a little girl than a dog. She was 3 yrs. but only 2.9 lbs. Very tiny and beautiful, Tomorrow i am going to get another one. I still dont have the money in my account so ill go under waaayyyy down on my acct, bbut i should be able to be o.k. when i get paid right? Any bankers here?I know theyll charge me but about how much?


krissy2006 - February 17

aw, I'm soooo sorry. My kitties are like babies to me too and when I get preggo my dh is making me get rid of them. Although that is nothing compared to have your baby killed. :( Poor poor baby and poor you... In any case re: the bank sitch I know at Wamu where I bank, they charge 39.99 overdraft fee and will remove it one time per year no matter how much under you go. Please know though that at most banks, if you remain negative for 2-4 weeks they will close your account. Just a quick warning.


LIN - February 17

Sorry to hear about your doggie. :(


cloverpatch - February 17

My bank is a $32.00 fee - I'm sure it's diff. for all - and that's IF they continue w/ the transaction. Good luck! And so sorry about Daisy - Yorkies are THE best!


timbits - February 17

Krissy...why would your dh make you get rid of your kitties when you become pg? If they are like babies to you, are you really going to listen to him and get rid of them? I would never get rid of them because a man told me to.


krissy2006 - February 17

LOL, timbits, I am pretty traditional about "following where the man leads", and I myself have not decided if it would be best to have cats around a newborn. I am very torn. They are my babies, but I don't know if when I become a mom if all my feelings for my kitties will stay the same, get stronger or weaken. ??? In any case, the decision will ultimately be mine but I feel it is my obligation to consider my husband's feelings in the matter and make the decision together. :)


docbytch - February 18

Krissy, my kitties are my babies too. You have enuf room in your heart to love both. My dh would never make me get rid of them...It's cruel to do that to your pets who have come to trust in your love for them. I am also newly preggo and we will find a way to ensure our kitties and baby do fine together. Please keep your kitties! They love and need you too.


krissy2006 - February 18

LOL - the cats have microbes and bacteria... heehee ..... the way I wrote it (((wiggles eyebrows))) sounded like I was talkin about mommy precious... LMAO


pcad - February 18

can you post date your check you are going to write the people might sympothic with you i breed dogs( white german shepards). i have taken half now and half in a week.


nino3 - February 21

Hey thanks for answering me, Well i went to get My new baby, her name is MAYA. She is beautiful but different than Daisy. I payed them with a check and didnt tell them anything for fear they would have not given me the yorkie. Yesturday she tried to cash it and today I told her the truth and that they were paying me at the end of the month, wich is next week. She very nicely said O.K. and that she would try again on Wednesday. Ughhh!!!! I felt sooo much better. She was very understanding although she seemed abit upset about it. I miss Daisy alot still though. The new puppy keeps me busy but I will never forget Daisy. Man, hope i get pg. soon Thanks again and good luck to all.


babyluv - February 21

I breed Yorkies and I had someone bounce a check with me. It was hell getting the dog back and I will never accept checks again. Glad u got your new puppy though and sorry about Daisy.


SkyKennels - February 22

Krissy, I know, we haven't spoken before, but I just had to pitch in. Make your kitties indoor if you are worried about infection and while you're not preggo yet, just do a battery of tests on them to see if they have anything now and how quickly it is treatable! They are your babies, too. What are you going to teach your little one, that it is OK to abandon those whom you love just because someone whom you don't even like is telling your dh and you how to run your lives? I know it is none of my business, but, my aunt is rather like your "dear" MIL is re my dad and my mom always had to suffer for it. But she didn't back down and I KNOW I am alot happier for it. That and I have a baby kitty, too, so, I guess that really touches me on both angles. Good luck to you, girl, and my deepest condolences on your loss, Nino!......Lisa.


DaBonkElsMe - February 22

nino - so sorry about your baby - Daisey. My dog is like my baby too and I would be completely distraught if anything happened to her. So sad. :(


DaBonkElsMe - February 22

OMG - Krissy - do not let your MIL run your life! First it's the cats, next she'll be telling you how to raise your baby!! I have three cats, and would NEVER considering getting rid of them. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind - I talked to me Ob Gyn and she said that the only thing to watch out for is not to clean the litter while pregnant - other than that, she said cats are not a problem and all that c___p people say about them is mostly myth and superst_tion!! Don't get rid of them!!


nino3 - February 22

Hey Krissy, I agree dont get rid of your cats. Man, its going to be tough on them but i am sure it will be tough on you too. After Daisy died, the house felt different, and me and hubby felt that there was something missing from our little family. I grieved her sooo much and i never felt this way about a pet before. Pets become part of your family and when you get your baby, and you get rid of your cats, youll feel theres soemthing lacking. Try to talk to DH and dont give them up, youve been a good mommy to them and who knows where they will end up or how they will be treated.


VenusdiMilo - February 22

Oooo! Sorry Nono :-(


VenusdiMilo - February 22

*Nino* I spelt your name wrong...



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