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Shannon - January 4

Hi everyone... well here it is another month that I am in the running!! This will be month 12 so if we don't get pregnant this month I am going to the doctors to get checked out. Anyways.... my question is, is it to early for me to have sore br___ts? Its only 4 days past ovulation and my br___t started getting tender yesterday. I know that this question has been asked so many times before..... but if someone could just tell me their opinion again! Thanks everyone!


Amy - January 4

Shannon- I believe it may be too early for sore b___sts for a pregnancy. I sometimes have tender b___sts when my AF is about to start. Hopefully I'm wrong. Have you tried just having fun and trying not to worry about getting preg? My husband and I tried for a year and a half w/ no results. It wasn't until after I decided it wouldn't be a good time to have a baby and we started preventing that I became pregnant. I am so thankful that I now have my son who is almost 2! It obviously wasn't time for him to be here yet. We are now trying for # 2. Cross your fingers! Good Luck!


Shannon - January 4

Thanks Amy for the answer! Thats what I was wondering too (because I do get sore b___sts before AF) but I shouldn't have my period for another week and a half. Usually they don't start hurting until its closer to the time. And this time its a little different. They really hurt. Any other time they are just a little tender but not too bad... now they are actually hurting. I don't know... I really don't think I am (I think I've been dissappointed so much now that it seems as if it will never happen!). How did you not worry about it? I've tried that... telling myself that maybe it's not time to have a baby yet and that I'm still young (I'm only 23) but it doesn't work. I know that stress can cause infertility... but that doesn't seem to help me stop worrying! Do you have any tips? Thanks!


Syd - January 4

Shannon, my advise is just to hang in there and see if any more symptoms start to appear. Sore b___sts can be from several things, but let's hope it's pregnancy. I know it is frustrating trying with no results. It's also hard to finally get a positive and then lose it (happend to us). Just keep trying, don't give up.


Amy - January 4

Shannon- Of course I worried. Well a better word would be obssesses over it. I'm also young (only 22) but I know that longing that you have to bring a bundle of joy into the world. I pretty much avoided the aisle at Walmart w/ the pregnancy tests. I think I bought so many that year I could have owned stock. My husband and I tried to focus on having fun in the bedroom more. It was easier than obssessing over the correct ways to make a baby. I also started doing more things for myself like going back to college. Try any and everything to get your mind off that baby. I know it's hard but you will have your chance. Besides take advantage of all of the time you have w/out a baby. It's much harder to get some R&R once they're here. My best friend and her husband have also been trying for a couple of years w/out any luck. They've been to a specialist and they found out her husband's sperm swim in circles! I know it sounds so funny. They've tried invitro a couple of times w/ no luck. Now they have decided to become foster parents taking care of children on temporary bases. That may or may not be a good idea. Think about it. It will definitely keep you preoccupied. They are only 23 & 26 and able to do it. Best of luck. Just try to have fun. It will strengthen your relationship w/ your hubby if nothing else.


Christine - January 5

I would tend to think that it was too early as well, but in all the research that I have done I have read that woman can start to experience symptoms as early as 72 hours after conception...


Shannon - January 8

Well, I just wanted to keep everyone updated... My b___sts are still really tender and I am now feeling little twitches in my abdomen area. I'm not doing too bad with trying to keep my mind off of it. I really don't want to go through all the ups and downs of this anymore. I think my period is due this coming Sunday (January 16th), so we will see then.... just another week right! Anyways, if anyone else is experiencing the same thing and is due on or around the 16th lets chat! Good luck to everyone!


Amy - January 8

Shannon- I know what you mean about the ups and downs as I've said before. We are ttc for #2. So far all hpt neg. Currently 19 days late for AF. Doc told me to wait until due for AF this mon. to come in for blood test. Due for AF this mon. on the 19th. Having a couple symptoms but nothing like my 1st preg. Best of luck to ya!



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