I Know It S Unlikely But I Need Some Advice

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jordanpoe - November 24

So, I am 21 years old and have had a history of kidney stones from the time I was 15. Recently, around the first of this month, I began to experience lower back pain, fatigue, frequent urination, and even some va___al pain and assumed that it was yet again another stone. Having horrible insurance, I was going to general hospitals and getting checked out for possibly another stone. However, after multiple visits, they didn't seem to think that was the case. Kept raising their eyebrow at me when I told them I hadn't had s_xual intercourse in over 3 years and wrote it off as a urinary tract infection. I have however been s_xually active, a lot recently but up until this point didn't even consider pregnancy an option. I've always received my period the last Thursday every month and it always lasts at least six days, however this time, last Tuesday I received what I thought was my period early, odd I thought, but still didn't think much of it until 3 days later, I was completely done with it. Still, mind you, I'm not considering pregnancy a possibility. I was so frustrated with all the doctors looking at me like I was lying to them about my s_xual history and had entirely dismissed the possibility. Now, as time draws nearer for my scheduled regular period and I am continually feeling tired, my nipples are beginning to darken (I've always been extremely fair complected, so this is finally what has gotten me to consider the possibility.) I'm finding it uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach, I'm still making more trips to the bathroom than I ever have, I've had heart burn for the past week. Am I just being sucked into the doctors suspicions or it is possible I am pregnant and what I thought was my period was actually implantation bleeding? Please help! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! I've felt silly talking to anyone I know about this because I know they'll laugh at me and say I'm being paranoid, without actual penetration/intercourse there is no way, as I told the doctors.


BeckyBunny - November 25

Sounds like you could be pregnant. First thing to do is take a test. You can buy a 2pack (most have a "bonus" 3rd test) of First Response Early Result tests at walmart for $8. These are the BEST tests. You can also print a $2 off coupon from the first response website, making the tests $6, or $2 apiece. good luck.


Grandpa Viv - November 25

It's not that hard for sperm to get into the v____a following ejaculation, without actual penetration. A close encounter can suffice - a finger, a brush-by, a dribble. You are reciting fairly typical early signs, but it is too early to test. Try Sunday morning first am pee, dip method, and repeat a week later if still in doubt. Good luck!


jordanpoe - November 26

Thanks for the advice everyone and happy holiday weekend! I am going to wait for the end of this weekend and we'll see how it goes. It could have simply been eating too much for Thanksgiving yesterday but I bent over to help my niece with something and ran to the bathroom to puke. Graphic, I apologize. But again, thank you so much and we'll just have to wait and see what happens.



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