I Know Its The Weekend But Should I Give Up This Month

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maddie - June 18

Hi girls...I have been very calm until now. I'm about 10-11 dpo and getting a bit scared/disappointed. My symtoms have been mild even non-existant until yesterday and need some advice. My temps have been up at 98.2 since O....sore bbs on sides and nipples, thirsty today and yesterday to the point on nausea. Also yesterday and today very small blob of tan (tea colored) cm...besides that so dry. Lastly loose stools/diarrhea since monday. Do you think this is AF coming....the flu...I feel scared that its over for this month :((( Did take a test today and neg. Thanks for any advice I can use some support today.


nini - June 18

Sorry, but don't think your preggo....if preggo would be contipated and bleeding would b redish. Your period is koming


bean - June 18

Maddie - every woman is different. You can't expect every single woman on earth to be constipated, or anything else. If every woman was the same, there'd be no reason for these boards! Plus, you can't say you're not pg for sure until after AF comes. So don't give up hope... just wait it out with the rest of us a few more days. If you expect AF on the 23rd, that means you tested to early by testing today. Just hold out a few more days...


kEEKEE - June 18

Yeah, I agree with Bean. Every woman is different. It aint over until the fat lady sing. Wait!!! Don't give up!!! You never know.....Baby Dust Y'all and enjoy your weekend!!!!


Hanna - June 18

Don't want to give you any false hope, but I do want to tell you that for me sore bbs on the sides was a definite sign. I also had tea coloured cm and turned out to be pg. I am in my 10th week now and still haven't been constipated yet, so there you go. I wish you good luck and hope the best for you. Babydust!


KellyN - June 18

Hi Maddie! Its not over till af comes, so don't be down. Af came for me yesterday, so I will be doing another month. I'm already plotting my new strategy! If it af comes it just means you will get to hang out with the rest of us for another month! Sad, yes, but we'll be here to cheer you right back up. Until then it ain't over yet!! Many women don't get many signs at all. My co-worker said she never felt much of anything during her whole first trimester, just a little tired! Others said they could have sworn af was on its way because of the symptoms were so similar. I knew my af was coming because my temp took a big dip three days ago. As long as your temps are high, things are looking good for you!!!! Baby dust to you!!!!!******-kelly


maddie - June 18

Thanks girls...just got back from a long hike with my dogs and now feel much better. Except for the fact I'm afraid to eat....lol...not sure if I'll be able to leave house tonight...lol....thanks again and we will see



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