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Missy - December 29

I cant find the answer to this question. Can you still have your period and be pregnant? If so, would your period be different? and in what way? Can I take a pregnancy test while I have my period to see if I am pregnant? Please send your responses! My last 2 periods have been shorter & different so I was wondering if I was. I'm very nauseas, constantly tired, cramping & sore br___ts. Please help!!!


Tnya - December 29

My cousin and my sister both had their priods for the first three mnths of pregnancy


Nichole - December 29

My sister didn't even know she was pregnant until she was 6 months! She was overweight, on the pill, and was working out all the time at the gym trying to loose weight. She had a super light period the first month, took an hpt but it showed negative, so she figured she wasn't pregnant. I mean, she was on the pill and everything, so she had no reason to believe she really was. The next few months she felt super tired and kinda ill sometimes, but she figured it was her body getting used to all the exercise she was doing, and the change to a healthier diet. She kept getting her period after that EVERY month (or what seemed like a 'light' period), so she kept on working her b___t off trying to get in shape. She couldn't figure out why she couldn't lose any weight! She went in to the doc's at 6 months for her regular yearly pap, and he said, "How long have you been pregnant?" Her mouth dropped to the floor!!! Her and her hubby didn't even know what hit them! I now have a healthy 7 year old nephew. :-) She'd had another baby before that, too, so you'd think she'd know... but, nope. :-) Thought I'd share that neat story with you! You CAN be pregnant and get your period.


Missy - December 29

Thanks so much for your response. Interesting story. Do you know if a pregnancy test can be taken when you have your period?



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