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I KNOW THAT NONE OF YOU ARE DOCS BUT IF YOU COULD, PLEASE HELP ME OUT.... I AM A PEARSON INNEED OF ANY TYPE OF HELP SHE CAN GET... i have all sorts of problmes on this sutuation that i am going therw.. please read carefully.... in april i was having s_x around ovuation... got my period when expected... was abnormal.... i took a test in the mid of may... negitive.... at the end of may, once again, when period was expected.. it came, but was abnormal.... we are now in the month of june, and today i again, recieved my period. I was so much looking forward to this baby... but i made a big mistack in the begining and i didnt go to the dr to find out for sure what is going on with me. But the thing is, is that my periods usualy last for a full 7 days.... but everytime i get my period.. it either lats for one to two days like it did in april... or 4 days in may.... i constantly feel sick..... but my symtoms that i find odd for me, they are not constant.... me and my hubbie have been looking forward to this but me and him have a long distance relatinship at this time. I am jus wondering has anyone, been in my situation before??? I feel like such a bad mother for not going to the docs, and no mater what, this is going to be on my mind for the rest of my life.... I FEEL LIKE A HORABLE PEARSON AND A HORABLE MOTHER..... can someone please help me out


Tamara - June 26

I don't see anywhere where you have indicated getting a positive result for being pregnant. By the sounds of it you are having af and are not pregnant forsure. If you suspect you are, you should see a dr immediately to find out if you are pregnant, to make sure that if you are your baby is ok, and if you are to get on the proper prenatal vitamins and folic acid. I would definately go to a dr right away to get checked out...you could take a home test now to check it out but regardless you should see a dr. Take care of yourself and your possible unborn baby!! All you can do now is do what is best going forward...goodluck!


badmother - June 26

to tamara.... well now that i am haveing a period, it has a very extremly heavy flow wich in my life, i have never had before. I do not know if it is because for the past two months i have been having irregular periods but this is starting to scare me =(


love is blind - June 27

badmother you shouldn't worry 2 much the same thing happened 2 me about 3 months ago. i had abnormal periods for about 3 months and one day it got heavy. i took probably 8 home preg test all came back negative. one day i just got up and went to the doctor. that day i found out that i was 12 weeks pregnant. a week later i found out that i was in the process of having a miscarriage and their was nothing the doctors could do. so please find out not only for you but the baby you might be caring.


BAD MOTHER - June 28

ARLIGHT WELL I NEED HELP ON ANOTHER QUESATION.... now.. i am on my period but it is now on my second full day and for some resaon the bleeidn seemed to stop being heavy and it is fairly light and i am very dry insdie... i put on a tampon but it is hurting me!!!!! what do you think could be wrong with me? do you think that i was infact pregantant and having a miscarage help me out pelase... ALSO I AM HAVING CLOTING AS WELL BUT THAT OCCURED SAME AS LAST MONTH


Soleil - June 28

Im not sure but you really should go to the doctor as soon as possible and have yourself checked out.



well hello again, i am just wanting to post what has occurred lately. My period, as i have said, on my second day, the heavily bleeding, which occurred for me in the couple of hrs of my bleeding had stopped completely. I was spotting threw-out the next day and that was it.... the bleeding stopped all together. In the area that i am visiting, i have made several apts with the clinics so i will see what happens with that. I pretty much feel that i am just in a big loop right now( the symptoms that are occurring).... As a matter of fact, Just the other day( yesterday morning) the sick to my stomach feeling woke me up... my face was pale, i was throwing up like crazy... but this morning, i was fine. Symptoms like that, catch me off guard and i loose the confidence that i have in the answer being a + but then again, when believing it is a negitive my mind plays tricks on me. So i really am going to consult a Dr to see what has happend to my body and what is truly going on....


Mica - July 5




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