I Know This Is Weird But Does A Faint Negative Mean Anything

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angela1986 - June 28

I tested monday and it was a full blown negative no doubt in my mind,but i test this morning and it was so faint i could barely tell it was there. Does this mean anything or am i obsessing?


Emma2 - June 28

How about you test again tomorrow or day after with FMU.


angela1986 - June 28

thats what i was thinking about doing im ordering some right now,about what time do you think i should. And does the faint negative mean anything?


j. - June 28

u should test with FMU(as soon as u get up in the morn). i don't quite understand ur question about a faint neg. i don't think there's such a thing, i could be wrong though. do u mean faint positive??


Emma2 - June 28

FMU....(first morning urine). Faint positives resulting in a false positive are rare but they do happen. It could be that you did not pee enough on the stick, or peed too hard on it waited too much time to read the result . Test again in a couple of days.


Emma2 - June 28

J. I think what she means is a false positive.


ashleyd - June 28

best and easiest, although a little gross is peeing in a clean dry cup, and dipping the tip of the test in it for the time it says...that way you can be sure it was done correctly...and with the proper amount :)


sammykjo - June 28

That is how I do it...pee in a cup. I have a cup that I have declared my preggo test cup. I don't trust trying to pee the right amount on the stick.. I just wash it each time after use and keep it under the bathroom sink.


angela1986 - June 28

I did that this morning. I went in a small cup,dipped my test in for 10 seconds like the direstions said. I was asking what time in the morning would be proper? And my question is weird i know but when i took the test the result window's line came up dark as hell,but the other window was a negative,but very faint. It was hard to see but it was negative,does this mean anything?


angela1986 - June 28

Here's the simpliest way i think i can explain it. I peed in the cup dipped my test and i could see a negative sign but barely and i mean barely. I know there was plenty of urine on it too,i held it in the cup for 10 seconds and waited,still negative. But does it mean anything if you can barely see the line?


TOGIRL - June 28

i would say the test strip was porbably no good i had that happen to me once i called the company and they said the strip was no good and to retest the next day


angela1986 - June 28

thats what im wondering i guess ill try and test in a few days when i get my new ones...thanks everyone for trying to help me figure out this little ordeal.


tpierce - June 28

anglea1986...What brand of test were u using? I have gotten a few negatives that looked like what u are descibing...my "faint negs" were all with EPT, hope that helps


angela1986 - June 28

i got an equate test from walmart. I originally got a 2 pack and i tested with the first on monday and bfn. So i just thought it was werid for the negative sign to be so faint,i figured if your not preggo it'd be clear.


Rhonda - June 28

I would agree with TOGIRL,the test you took probably was defective.


Lin - June 28

Aaaaah, I get it. You used one of those plus/minus tests, and the minus sign was faint, right? You've got to be specific when you say that, because a lot of tests are just one line if it's positive and no line if it's negative, so a faint negative doesn't mean anything.


Allison1123 - June 29

It's funny that u asked this question bcause the same thing just happened to me w/EPT and the minus sign was very light barely visible. So i'm going to wait until 7/4 to test again bcause it douesn't make sense. Good luck let us know what happens.



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