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Stella - October 18

I don't know if any of you remember me or not. I am the chick that had unprotected partial s_x. Well partial is an understatement there was some penetration but he didn't c_m and he wasn't inside me for over a minute. he did pre-c_m inside me and this happened during a time when i was very fertile. I thought i was pregnant for a couple of days: I had sore nipples, I was bloated, I peed alot, and slept alot. However, i got my period last week and then the symptons went away. but i can't help the fact that i still feel pregnant. I am gaining weight everyday and i find my self eating more than i used to. i don't have any money in a literal sense so i was wondering should i find a way to borrow some money so i can take a pregnancy test or am i just stressing out.


bump - October 18



Dia - October 18

Hi Stella, how was your period...was it normal? Was it heavy? I am 6 weeks pregnant and have not had any bleeding...but everyone is different. If your period was abnormal, or if you have a "gut" feeling, I would try to get a test. Just so you know, the test I took to get my BFP was one from the Dollar Store - it only cost $1! It worked just as good, if not better than the expensive ones! Good luck!


kierra - October 19

what do it means if milk come out your b___st and iam not pregnant .


Stella - October 19

thank you for answering. to answer your question my period was lighter than usual but it wasn't light. i know you say the test is only a dollar but i have no money or transportation and the closet dollar general is 10 miles away. i am now experiencing cramps that hurt like hell. i wanted to know if these cramps could mean that i am pregnant


bean - October 19

Stella - I had pretty bad cramps when I was in the early weeks. The cramps came from the uterus stretching and making room for the baby. However, you did have your period, so chances that your really pg are slim to none. I understand your dilemma regarding finances and transportation, but if you are going to be a mom you'll have to solve these issues sooner rather than later. Can you get a ride? Borrow a buck from a friend? Are you in school? You should be able to get a free test from the school nurse or health department. Can you get to a planned parenthood clinic? Bum a ride! Seriously, you need to get this figured out. Esp if you're not pg and the cramps are from a cyst or worse. Good luck and please keep us posted!


.. - October 19



Stella - October 19

Thank you for answering everyone. I am in college and we are surrounded by several hospitals but I don't have insurance. I don't know what is wrong with me. I hope I don't have cancer. Now I'm really scared.



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