I Lost It

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ceecee_fields - October 8

I went to the ER yesterday because I was in so much pain and bleeding. I had gotten a faint positive a few days before, and was looking forward to testing again next week. However, I miscarried. It was so painful and I cried so hard for hours. I think we will take a break from trying for a while. Thank you all for being so supportive. Good luck Ladies.


shelby3218 - October 8

Sorry to hear that. God Bless you and your family. Take care of yourself and rest.. :)


keerthy - October 8

am so sorry ceecee..... god bless.... will pray for you sweetheart! take care of urself .....


NinaS82 - October 8

I'm so sorry to hear that ceecee. Please dont give up hope. Everything happens for a reason. We are all here for you!!! Take care of yourself. :)


Meelliissaaxo - October 8

i'm so sorry to hear that! god bless!


ma1008 - October 8

sorry about that cecee, take care.


ceecee_fields - October 8

Thanks you all. May you all have wonderful pregnancies. I will be back someday. Hopefully we won't wait too long to try again.


wantbabyboy - October 8

I am so sorry to hear about your lose ...I know how it feels I had one in june and I was 6 weeks the baby stopped growing .....they say that when you have a miscarriage you have more chances of getting pregnant fast (like with 3 months) cause your body is ready and looking for a baby ...I hope that you get pregnant fast and join us again on this board.


GimmeaBub - October 9

Ceecee I am so sorry hunny :( I know what it's like too, i had one 5 months ago, it took me 4 months to concieve again, I remember having my miscarriage the cramps were unbearable i remember yelling at the nurse for something to stop the pain. I had only known i was pregnant for 2 days, so it sucked. I heard that theres a 90% chance hat the baby will survive next time round, thats what i am hoping anyway, I am praying and praying and even telling my bean to just hold on, just for another 7 weeks more, just to make it to tri 2. I am that obseesed i run to th toilet every time i feel a little wetness, checking the tp for any blood. Just try and relax hunny, and it's ok to cry, things will get better. Baby Juice to you and Dh



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