I M 15 And Scared

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Kayla - December 15

me and the guy i was with at the time had s_x..he told me that night that the condem broke but when i asked him if he was serious he said "no" so i said ok..but now i've been feeling really weird! i'm supost to start my period on the 20th...my stomach seems to be chunky and i only weight 127 i look like i weigh 157. Could i just be bloated?!?


Grandpa Viv - December 16

Kayla, tell us more about "really weird". Check out the Am I Pregnant link to the left. Intestinal changes are common early signs, including bloating, gas and heartburn. Are you unusually tired , for instance? Good luck. Our hearts are with you.


Ocean S. - December 16

Well if your period is suppose to come on the 20th sweetie you might just be bloated but if it does not come 10 days after the 30th then you should be worried. GOOD LUCK


Jessica - December 16

Hi kayla , I am in the exact situation as you are . The guy i was with wanted to have a baby and i thought he loved me so we never used a condom well now i am only 15 and could be pregnant. my advice to you . talk to the guy you were with and tell your mom and his mom also. even if he is older than you are. that way you wont be alone on this if you are pregnant. The guy i was with doesnt even want anything to do with me now. so if i were you tell your parents and his.


kim - December 16

You may just be bloated.. But you never know. I would wait to take a test if your period is late. If you are pregnant I would tell Mom asap.., Dont wait even if you are scared. If you are not pregnant then you amy want to look into getting on the pill. When I was 15 I went and had to pay nothing and they dont tell your parents. You cant always rely on a condom and you are just wat to young to have a baby. I am not going to lecture you because Im sure you dont want to hear it but If you have any questions you can email me at [email protected] Hope it all works out for you.



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