I M 18 And A First Year In College I Need Advice

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Shadow - November 30

Well, I'm 18 and my one dream is to start a family with the love of my life...but not right now. The "mucus" has been pooring out non-stop, my br___t has been sore on and off, i've been eating a bit more, and slowly my pants have been getting tighter and tighter....Since I'm on the pill, my doctor says I can be pregnant and still have my period. The only thing I am missing is the vomiting. I'm really worried and I don't know what to do. I don't know if a pregnancy test would pick up the chemical because of my pill...I guess we should be careful what we wish for....even though I wanted it to happen later...We use condoms, but we had one break last month....I'm really worried. Someone please give me some advice...


Hope - November 30

The less you are stressed the faster your period will come. Try not to worry and wait a week. If you still feel this way call your doctor


Grandpa Viv - November 30

You don't have to have nausea in pregnancy. Continuous clear or creamy mucus is pretty indicative. If your pants are getting tight you may be further along than you think. For $8 I would take a test and see what it says, first pee in the morning for best results. Good luck!


Steph - November 30

I would also go to your doctor and get a blood test taken -- just so you know for sure. Also, it is true that girls their first year of college go through alot of bodily changes, weight gain and appet_te change being one of them. Go get yourself checked out so you can focus on what you need to, whether it be school or your new baby. Good luck!


Leah - November 30

Hi Shadow! At least your out of H.S. and in your first year of college!! College level schooling is so much more acceptable of pregnancy and motherhood. I hope the father will be supportive, because it sounds very possible you are pregnant! Do you tend to miss your pills, I was horrible at that task!!!


me - November 30

I got pregnant when I was about to go to university. I was motified and posponed university for a year or two. When I got married I went back to school and was soon preg. and I stayed in school. It was great...others were pg and It wasn't as difficult as I thought. I wish I would have gone to school when I got pg the first time. If you are pg, try to stick with it even if you go parttime for your and your baby's future.


Shadow - November 30

Thanks guys. I am concerned about the pants tighening because I just lost 15 pounds...or my "freshman 15" because I don't live on campus. I cook for myself and I am normally a healthy eater. Yes, I was bad at remembering even when I set my watch alarm to go off. My boyfriend is very supportive (thank god!) My doctor says I can be pregnant and still have my period because of the pill I am on. The pill shouldn't hurt the baby very badly if it is already concieved thank goodness. I don't want to be pregnant right now, but I will keep it if I am pregnant. Wow, I can't thank you guys for all the advice.



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