I M A Virgin But Might Be Pregnant

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Nikky - May 18

I am aged 17 going on 18 and i am still a virgin. But about three weeks ago i was at my boyfriends house and he was on top of me and his p__s was out of the boxer. And i was laying on the bed with my legs open but i still have my knicker on. He then start to so the same motion u do when it going in. But in this situation it was not going it. He was doing thi outside my knicker. i was wearing french knicker and they covered the va___al area ok but not fully. i know that his p__s did not once top the virgina skin to skin. It now thrre week since this is happened. And i am now feeling sick in the afternoons not in the morning. and i am having dizzy spell. I done know if i am pregnant. wha do i do. ihave been having the sickness from monday the 16 till now. I don't no what to do should i get a pregnanty trst or wait to see if i miss a period.please can you help me and get back to me a.s.a.p Thank you for reading this and everyone that gives their advice.


No need to worry - May 18

Hey don't stress,you haven't even missed a period. I'm sure you're not pregnant because there wasn't even skin to skin contact. So no need to worry there. But if you and your b/friend are this close, and getting closer, you may want to make sure you are protected next time.!


^_^ - May 18

i wouldnt stress it


Grandpa Viv - May 18

My thought as I read this is that there was more contact than you realized. Things must have gotten pretty wet down there. If this was like May 7th and you started feeling funny May 16th, that would compute for implantation. Is your period due this weekend? Wait until the 28th to take a test first pee in the morning. Other signs would be fatigue, peeing more often, misbehaving gut function, unusual discharge. I will reply if you mail me at [email protected] Good luck!


to Nikki - May 19

Don't waste your money taking a test. You are not pregnant. You wouldn't get sickness this early on anyway. Please don't worry!!!


To Nikki - May 24

Hey girl, I wouldn't stress about this too much. Chances are that you have been completely freaked out entertaining the possibility of pregnancy and this in turn is playing having with your mind and body. With the thought always in the back of your mind, it will make your stomach churn with fear - hence the sick feeling. To completely rule it out though and for your peace of mind perhaps go to the doctor or purchase a test. Also always make sure that you have protection with you just in case.



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