I M An Emotional Wreck This Month Anyone With Me

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babydreams - February 27

Hi ladies. Pathetic alert: As I type this message, I have tears streaming down my face. TTC for 4 months, and nothing. I know, I don't deserve to mourn yet, but I can't help it. This has been so hard on me, and to make matters worse, I've had the most horrible cycle this month. After 3 months of normal temping (charts looked great), suddenly it's all wacked out, and now I'm just flatlining. I may have ovulated, based on my CM pattern (egg white 3 days, then it turned to creamy/globby like usual), but besides that, my temps are giving me nothin'! Meanwhile, my sis who had her baby in December is already talking about when she's going to start for #2. Her husband made a comment recently that they'll beat us to the punch with #2, and I burst into tears. I am so ready to have a baby, and embark into motherhood (just turned 28 this month), and I'm so worried that it will never happen. I apologize for how I sound ... sappy and complainy. I never thougth I'd be posting these kind of messages but I could use some cheering words. Anyone in the same boat?


Colleen - February 28

Hi baby dreams, i totally understand how you feel and i can relate to your pain. i've been ttc for some time and it feels like forever. however reading some of the threads on this site has shown me that patience is key and that it will eventually happen. i would always get emotional esp after AF showed up but now i'm better. i can't say i don't get emotional but now its at a lesser degree. i'm ttc my 1st as well and i don't know when it will happen but i do have faith that it will at some point. keep your head up! before you know it you'll be posting to tell us about your BFP!


lauren h - February 28

Babydreams hold your head up, ttc and not getting pregnant right away is very hard to deal with. I wanted to have a baby so badly, and then I finally got my BFP, for it only to stop growing and have to have a d and c. Of course now I want it even worse. It is all I think about. People say that when it gets like that, you should stop trying and then it will just happen. But it sucks. There are SOOOOO mant teachers at my school that are pregnant, and that makes it harder to deal with. But coming on here and talking with other women that are going through the same things has helped me ALOT! I don't knwow what I did before I found this site! Think positive and you will get a BFP soon!!!!


babydreams - February 28

Colleen and Lauren, Thank you so very much for your kind posting! They cheered me up! And, this morning I woke up to a high temp (98.6!), so that gives me hope that my chart is taking shape, and now Fertility Friend clocks me at 6 DPO. So, this is promising. I'll keep you all posted, and please do the same for me. I'd love to hear where you are at. Have a great day!! Thanks for the encouragement and hope!


Tink75 - March 1

Hi babydreams...I understand your frustration, it can be so heart-wrenching trying to get pregnant. If nothing else...try to relax and let nature take it's course. I have 2 children and when I was trying for my 1st I was sooooo obsessed with getting pregnant; after going through a miscarriage at 12 weeks I decided to throw in the towel and quit "trying" for awhile...low and behold, as soon as we stopped trying and stressing about it we became pregnant and now have a healthy 7year old boy. If it really gets to you sooo much that you literally sleep, eat and breathe this process then you should take a break and leave it in God's hands. It'll happen when you least expect it...keep the faith and LOTS of *~*~*~*~*~ BABY DUST~*~*~*~*~*~ to you!! Keep us posted! :O)


curly - March 1

NO but I totally am with you cause sometimes I could be really P__sy to dont worry who is anyone to Judge you! You are int_tled to your moody days to you know. But I hope you feel better :)


Dee - March 1

I am right there with you ttc 6mo and this month was very hard for me. Everyone around me it getting PG but me and it has been hard. But the more I hear from others it can talk awhile.


AshleyPros - March 1

I know what ya mean TTC for almost a year, and my sister is going on her third child, and all three were Oops ones, my friend mary is 9 weeks PG and she only tried for about 3 months, and my best friends sister in law just had her first which was also an Oops...so I am right here with ya...plus I live in a town full of marines, and marine wives, so everyone seems to be PG here, I can't walk through walmart without seeing at least 15 PG girls!



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