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kvilendrer - July 10

well, i know it's only been a few days, but things have actually worked out with my husband's job, and we are ttc again. We already bd'd around "O" time, and i am expecting (not) af exactly one week from today (July 17th). My birthday is July 13th, so hopefully I will get a late birthday present :) I bought a couple of tests, so if af is late, i'll test! good luck to everyone!


ZenGirl - July 10

Glad to hear everything worked out for you and your husband.


kvilendrer - July 10

Thanks. I'm so happy!! I hate the tww! I can't wait to find out if I'm pregnant!!


sarahd - July 10

Hi kvilendrer - happy early b-day! Mine's tomorrow :) I'm hopefully not expecting af around the 21st. My anniversary is also the 27th so I it'd be a fabulous month to get a bfp! I hear ya on the tww - this sucks!!!


Tinker_eyes - July 10

Hey! I hope you get that baby! :) My birthday is the 13th as well! YAY for us, I hope we both get our birthday presents.


sammykjo - July 11

hey kvilendrer...glad to hear you are back on the ttc wagon!! I got af right on schedule yesterday...so no baby this month. But this was our first month ttc. I was a little disappointed yesterday when af came, but I'm cool and I'm excited to get started again very soon. Best wishes and baby dust...and happy early b-day!!


Cindy Lou - July 11

Welcome back Kvilendrer...Good luck on a late b-day present. Happy Birthday sarahd!!!..My MIL is also on the 13th and mine is the 20th...I think I will be getting an AF for my present...Nasty gift to get but that is my luck...If there was not bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all...Good Luck to all the testers....Baby Dust...


kvilendrer - July 11

Thanks everyone! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sarahd, tinkereyes, and Cindy Lou!!! I hope we all get out birthday presents! Sammykjo, i'm sorry that af showed yesterday :( But it was only your first month. You have many more to come! Hopefully it won't take too long. Good luck on next month!! I'm going to test in a week!!! I really hope that this is the month. I'm kind of feeling different. Yesterday, i was feeling really irritable and I kept snapping at my husband for nothing. Then when we got in a fight last night, i burst into tears. I'm also feeling "wet" all the time, and i keep feeling like af is coming, which usually happens the day of. So hopefully these are good signs.



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