I M Being Paranoid

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Linsey - November 24

I know this sounds a bit weird but i'm sort of scared. I haven't had s_x ever, and haven't started my peroids (Ok, i'm 15) yet i feel like i'm pregnant. It's had to explain but i have alot of symptoms, other then "looking" pregnant though my belly sometimes feels funny. I don't know why i think it, maybe i'm being paranoid, it's obvious i can't be, or is it? And if not what could be wrong?


T - November 24

Have you ever had a mans private part near your private part without clothes on? You don't need actual penetration for some of the sperm to get in there.


~~~ - November 24

Kiddo, maybe you should go to your doctor and ask her/him. Or talk to your parents.


Grandpa Viv - November 24

Your mom should introduce you to a gynecologist when you become s_xually active, when you reach age 18, or if your periods are late starting. In your case that is likely around now. While you are there, ask for a discussion of birth control, STDs, and other reproductive issues. Good luck!


Linsey - November 24

Thanks for the advice. As for the man's private part... I'm pretty sure i haven't, at all. Unless i'm missing something...


*X* - November 24

I'm not sure how much of a big deal it is that you haven't started your period at 15, but that's definitely late. Most girls start their period by 13. Perhaps your symptoms have something to do with that. I think it would be a good time to have your first gyno visit now. Good luck!


to linsey - November 24

i didn't get my periods til' i was 15--these sign u r having--it could be a start of a period--u may just be a late bloomer that's all. it's mostly obvious u wouldn't be pregnant if u haven't had s_x first of all but also not having a period yet either.


frankie - November 26

i'm in the exact same position as you. except i started my period when i was about 13 (i'm 16 now) i'm scared that i might be pregnant, expect i don't ever remember having s_x, but a month ago when i was on holiday i had a bit too much to drink and turned up at my hotel room at about just gone 12 apparently but i don't remember anything since 11.. could anything of happened? i'm so scared that i could have been raped or something and now im pregnant.



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