I M BreastFing Have Had No P Yet Spotted Recently

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Heidi71 - April 6

Could I have got pregnant before I even had my first menstration. I am br___tfeeding my 12 month old and spotted the other day for about half a day. Less than a tablespoon worth. I had taken a pregnancy test the day before due to unusual cramping and heavy fatique but is was negitive. The next day I started what I though for certian was my period. It stopped soon after it started. My real question is when you have not had a period for so long can you have a super duper light on to start things off again, or I'm I more likely pregnant? If you have a similar story, pregnancy or not, I would like to hear about it. Full of wonder, Heidi71


Amber #2 - April 6

Hi Heidi! Since your baby is already 12 months, you should have definitely had a period by now. Have you checked with your Dr. to make sure everything is okay? Sorry, I don't have any stories to share with you and I'm not sure whether or not you could be pregnant. I was just a bit alarmed that you haven't had a period in a year. I would call your Dr. and see if you can get in for an appt. to discuss this. Good luck!


Heidi71 - April 6

Thanks Amber#2 for your concern:0) It maybe not as common as starting your cycle at 6-8 months after birth, but is not that rare to go that long especially b___stfeeding mothers. I've been asking around since I can't recall for my first birth over seven years ago. I think I'll be better at journaling these experiences. (A hopeful plural) LOL Thanks again!


Celia - April 6

Hi Heidi... I b___st fed my son for the first year and didn't have a period during the first 9 months. I didn't really start spotting or even trying to have a period until he started eating more from the table. I can't remember the details exactly (it's been 7 years!) but I do remember I started off spotting a few times before I got a regular period. It also took awhile to get regulated again. You should probably expect your first few cycles to be a bit different than normal since it's been so long. Sorry I couldn't be more help, but it's been so long since I went through all that! Good luck!


Celia - April 6

Oh yeah... to answer your question, YES you can get pregnant before you start menstration again. You will have to ovulate before you have a period. Since you don't know when you will start ovulating again, it would be hard to prevent unless your using some sort of birth control on a regular basis. Good luck and hope things turn out your way!


heidi71 - April 6

Thanks Celia....with that in mind I will not get to excited about a potential pregnancy. I will post the resaults as they occur. Still want to hear from anyone:0)


heidi71 - April 10

Hi again. I feel very pregnant, yet had another neg. hpt. Has anyone had false negatives during a pregnancy? How far into pregnancy is this possiable? Thanks for your input.....


Amber #2 - April 10

Wow, I never knew that could happen. I b___stfed my son while I was in the hospital and I started my period as soon as the baby was born. It lasted for about 6 weeks, so I just a__sumed that everyone had their period right after they gave birth.


Celia - April 10

Hi Heidi! Sorry to hear your still waiting it out. Try going in for a blood test, that's probably going to be the most reliable result for you right now. Good luck and hope you get some answer's soon! Amber....b___st feeding will delay ovulation in alot of cases. Women that b___st feed only will go longer without a period than one's that bottle and b___st feed. One of the lovely perks (imo) about b___st feeding! All women bleed after giving birth and it does usually last a few days to several weeks but it's not a period, it's just from having the baby and your bodies way of cleaning house. Good luck ladies!



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