I M Completely Stumped

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Dolly - November 1

I've posted on here a couple of times since this began...but I can't help but post again because I'm so lost as to what is going on with me! LMP Oct 6th. Pretty sure I ovulated Oct 19/20. Started spotting Oct 23rd, and am STILL spotting! Every time I think it's gone, it's back a few hours later or the next day! It varies from pink to brown to reddish to orangey even! It's sometimes very light and watery, and other times it looks like the end of my period(more color but not 'blood/clots'. There have been a couple of times there was tiny blood coloured discharge(little streaks of cm). It has NOT turned into a flow...not even close. I keep thinking it will, and then it seems to go away...only to return later. I'm technically due for af between tomorrow(Nov 2) and Monday(Nov 5). I went to the doctor on Tuesday and he gave me a blood test, which came back negative. Could it have been too early? I hear blood tests are pretty accurate! What else could be going on here? Thanks! :)


kelbabe - November 1

could have been to early, especially if its implantation.........or your hormones are changing and your body is too.


jenn W - November 1

I've heard blood tests can detect a pregnancy after a few days. I wish I could say it wasn't accurate, I know the waiting game isn't fun. You might have had a cyst that ruptured, which is pretty common from what my doctor says. Last month I had a similar problem, my doctor said it was either connected to ovulation somehow or it was a cyst, but she couldn't say for sure.


Dolly - November 1

Thanks for the responses! Jenn W - you had the same thing??? How long did it last?


Dolly - November 2

Well, I think this spotting may actually turn into my period today(or soon). This morning I saw some actual red blood(not much mind you but still real red blood). Now I'm just worried why the hell I had 10 days of spotting??? I have an appointment with my doctor on Nov 14th, and an ultrasound at the end of the month so hopefully they can tell me what happened. It really scares me because I get worried that something is wrong and I won't be able to get pregnant at all!


kdlovesrd - November 2

Dolly, I have had about 8-9 days of spotting before I had a full period. Are you on fertility drugs? I know that when I was on that, I had longer periods and had spotting like that. Now that I'm not on them anymore, I have had normal periods with spotting only 1-2 days before AF. Good luck.


Dolly - November 2

Nope, I'm not on any fertility drugs....AND it appears it was a 'false alarm'. What I thought was my period starting up full force this morning has since disappeared! I'm back to VERY light spotting or nothing at all! I'm getting really concerned!!!


chamderama - November 2

You aren't kidding! We are in VERY similar situations. My LMP was Oct. 4th. I also think I ovulated on Oct. 19th and started spotting on Oct 24th and it hasn't stopped! I should be due for AF today thru Sunday. What you are describing as far as the blood is EXACTLY what I'm experiencing. It's driving me crazy! My hubby and I have been trying so long that I hate getting my hopes up. I've done some research and found out that low progesterone can cause this too. I had mine tested last Friday (coincidence) and go back to the Dr. Nov. 12th. I hope that's not what it is. I can't wait to have a little one! Keep me posted and good luck! =)


Dolly - November 2

I will definately keep you posted! You too, let me know if you hear anything! I'm really curious as to why this is happening!!


Dolly - November 3

Chamderama how are things?? As for me, still confused! Again this morning I thought 'Aha, here it comes...' as there was red blood when I first went pee(not thick and tons like a normal period) but still I expected it to come soon. Well, it's doing the same thing again, it's disappearing!!! This is just nuts!!! If it is my period I want to to just come already!!! I hate this back and forth, not knowing what is happening to me! :(


Dolly - November 3

Hello...well FINALLY my period arrived today. I can't say I was happy to see her but at least I don't have to deal with th spotting and worry now. I will be getting a check up though and hopefully I can get some answers about why it happened! It totally freaked me out! Baby dust to those still in the waiting game!


nkk4U - November 3

i started my period on the 11 of october i ovulated on the 24 and i started spotting on the 29 my period isnt due untill the 12 i dont know whats going on i am very tired i have nausea headaches sore b___sts and 2 negitive tests


chamderama - November 5

Hi Dolly. I'm sorry to hear your news. I know how disappointing it can be. I'm still waiting, on day 13 of spotting. I know what you mean about just wanting to know one way or the other. This is so nerve racking! I thought for sure on Friday night that the waiting was over b/c the spotting turned to red. I have a routine check up with my obgyn on Monday the 12th. So, either way, I'm going to ask him why this is happening. I was going to take a pregnancy test last night but chickened out. I guess I'm scared it will be negative. I'd be interesting to find out what your dr. says too. Good luck next month!



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