I M Feeling Strange

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AMT - January 27

Hello. For the past two days my stomach has felt sort of tight and full all day long and all night too. We haven't been trying to get pregnant--I've been on the pill, but as soon as I started feeling this way, I stopped taking my pills because I would think they would harm a pregnancy. Today I woke up feeling the same strange tight/full stomach and one nipple is very sore and tender. And then at lunch I was so hungry, but after only eating a few bites, I could not eat any more and I started feeling sick to my stomach. My period should be next week, and usually starts around Tuesday. (Today is Thursday). Does anyone think it's possible that I might be pregnant? My husband's mom got pregnant on the pill. And is it too soon to do a home pregancy test?


Mrs O - January 27

I don't know from experience if you can or can't get preg. on the pill. I have heard you can. It is too soon to take a test, you need to wait till your late for your af. Be sure to test first thing in the morning when you do finally test.


Brooke - January 27

I feel for you. I have similar symptoms and am due for af on Tuesday as well. I may try to get an early test on Saturday or Sunday (hate waiting), but I think I may just have to wait it out with you! I am also on the pill, but had unprotected s_x over the days I ovulated while on antibiotics. My mom and cousin also got pregnant on the pill with perfect use. Good luck!


B'Lana - January 27

AMT you CAN get pregnant on the pill... and I feel the same way, and if you are anything like me it's going to get worse to the point if food smells just a bit off it will make you gag... god I am always hungry and full at the same time- feels horrible... I hope (if I am pg) it' s not going to be that way. Someone also told me that the strange tightness in the lower abdomen is your baby attaching... it may not be right though... Does your belly b___ton feel strange?


nicole - January 27

a friend of mine waaas on the pill, she is now due with her first little girl feb 14th


Charissa - January 27

No you can do a home pregnancy test I have had 2 children,and am trying to concieve my third,I have had simular sysptoms as yourself sometime you feel that way as you hopes are to high other time its pregnancy


AMT - January 28

Thanks to all of you who responded to me! Now I need to add that this morning I woke up with a lower back ache. How are you feeling today, Brooke? I wonder if this is all just in my head and I'm willing myself to feel symptoms of pregnancy. I'm going to wait through next week, I think, and if I don't get my period, I'll take the test, but now I'm so scared that I'll be disappointed. But I know that whatever happens is in God's plan.


AMT - January 30

Well, I'm a little sad today because my period started. I guess I had a major case of the phantom symptoms. :( I wish the best to everyone else.



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