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Amber #2 - February 23

So I know this has nothing to do with TTC or pregnancy but I would shout it out off the mountain tops if I could!! I'm so excited! My hubby got tickets from a vendor at work today! I have loved George Strait since I was a little bitty girl and always dreamed of getting to see him at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo and now is my chance!! So I just had to share my joy with everyone b/c I was just about as excited as I was when I finally got my BFP, lol. I started jumping up and down and screaming! So here's to seeing a beautiful man with a beautiful voice in some tight fittin' Wranglers showing off his beautiful butt, lol!!


jessieb - February 23

amber, you are hysterical!!! good for you!!!! only texas girls appreciate a good pair of wranglers! <giggle>


BrendaW - February 25

That is so awesome Amber! Congrats!!! Hows your little baby doing are you getting a belly???


leelee76 - February 25



Amber #2 - February 25

Thanks ladies!! I'm so giddy that I'm like a kid in a candy store just thinking about getting to see him! Only 2 more days!! Brenda-Yes, I am getting quite a big baby bump!! I've bought some really cute maternity clothes and I've also taken pics of the bump. I don't know how to get the pics from the digital camera onto the computer so I'm going to have my hubby do it sometime today and then you can see them on myspace!! =)


BrendaW - February 26

How was the concert??? Can t wait to see your pics!!


Amber #2 - February 27

Hey Brenda! The concert is not until tonight! I've got my outfit all picked out (as if George is really going to see me, right?? LOL)! I'm am super stoked and can't wait!! I'll definitely share the pics on myspace for everyone to see! =)


Emily - February 27

I don’t know, I am not a TX girl but I love the way his b___t looks in those wranglers. Who cares if he old enough to be my dad, can I have his baby? Lol! I am so jelous! I would love to see him in concert…...


BrendaW - February 27

How exciting ! Hope you have a blast, I know you will !!


vistagirl81 - February 27

congrats, i love him also:P we don't see him here in cali, but he has wonderful songs:P have fun for all of us


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 27

I know what you mean amber I went to see him last year for my hubbys b-day cuz that is his favorite and we had floor seats and yes he does have a VERY nice b___t in the wranglers and jessie I am an illinois girl and I DEF. Appreciate a good pair of wranglers lol I think its the country girl that appreciates a good pair of wranglers


ursula - February 27

Hi Amber! That is soooo cool! I am in Houston too. I am going to see Reba on Thursday. Hope you have fun tonight!! Get an "eyeful" of George while you can!! woo hoo!


jessieb - February 27

yes, you are right!! it is country girls and wranglers!!my husband is a levi's man and i LOVE those too! but don't get me started on pearl snap shirts..... love them!



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