I M Having A

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Emma2 - July 13

Baby BOY!


gina143 - July 13



LN030905 - July 13

OH MY GOSH!! Thats awesome news!!! You must be soooo excited!!!!!! YAY!!!!


Emma2 - July 13

Awwe, thanks! Yeah I'm proud and excited. I had my heart set on a little girl but god gave me a boy ! :)


sammykjo - July 13

Congrats Emma!!! That is wonderful news!!


erica85 - July 13

congrats! i'm sure you'll be plenty excited with a little boy!


jeanette - July 13

YAY! Thats what I want! Congrats darlin!


Nell143 - July 13

Congrats Emma! I am so excited for you! How far are you?


Emma2 - July 13

I'm now 21 weeks. I started coming here when I didnt know I was preggo for certain and time does fly!


Celia - July 13

Congrat's Emma! Little boys are so sweet..... and they think their mom's hung the moon and star's for the first few years..... you'll love being the mom to a sweet little boy!!


Rhonda - July 13

Emma2 i am so happy for you.What you going to name your little guy?Im hoping this one is a boy,but i have a feeling it is a girl,my last two were girls.the two before that was boys.


sarahd - July 13

Congrats Emma!!!


Grandpa Viv - July 13

Congratulations Emma! I'm sure he will keep you busy. Good luck!


VenusdiMilo - July 13

That's wonderful...congrats!!


Cindy Lou - July 14

Congrates Emma...I have a 11yo DS and he is such a momma's boy. He still thinks I hung the moon and stars...lol. Boys are said to always have a special bond with there mother...I believe it with my Precious Son. I tell him everyday that he is my best freind and means more to me then anything in the world and then he ask me more then....lol...I also to this day will wake him up singing Baby face...He has not told me to cut that out yet. He is the sweetest and I hope it is just the same with you and your little boy. CONGRATES AGAIN!!! NAME?


sammykjo - July 14

Cindy...that is sooooo precious! Wow, I am so ready to be a mommy! I just can't wait to have a little person look up at me with those pure eyes and just think the world of me. I am totally weepy today!!


Emma2 - July 14

Thanks ladies and gentleman! I have no name yet..Can some of you throw me some ideas??? I had some girl names but no boys!



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