I M In Tears

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Cara - May 3

After a month of no period......it just came this morning out of the blue!!! I had my hopes up that I was pregnant.I had such a bad pregnancy about this time last year that I had to have an abortion....I'm hopeing that that procedure didn't screw me up! I've been trying seince the abortion but I've had no luck!!! I'm so depressed....What can I do???I'm literally in tears right now!!! How can i get pregnant??? Please help!!!


DeeDee - May 3

I had a D&C about a year and a half ago to treat abnormal uterine bleeding. I just found out that I am just about 5 weeks pregnant.... so it is possible. Keep your head up. Stay positive.... don't let guilt rule your life.


Sam - May 3

Oh, Cara, no need to panic yet. Many of us are having difficulty ttc. MDs are much more cautious performing abortions for safety and lawsuit reasons so I'm sure you weren't an iffy case. Just curious, why did you think you had to have an abortion?


c - May 3

I was raped.....


Kelly - May 3

im soo sorry to hear that.. i was raped before and had to have a abortion and i have a 7yr old son :) soo yes you can have a baby after that i wish you luck


Hello Cara - May 4

You can't blame yourself for this. It's not your flault. I know people who use abortions like birthcontrol and had kids when they wanted to. Sometimes it take awhile to get pregnant. Don't stress about preganacy. Try to relax and do other things. God wouldn't give us more than we can handle .Remember that each time you get stressed. It will happen. Bless you and Baby Dust


Kimberly - May 4

I'm so sorry for all you've been through. But you are a very brave young woman. I'm sure you will be a wonderful mommy very soon. Hang in there and know we are all here for you. The women here are wonderful!! Baby dust coming your way.


amy w - May 4

first of all cara i am sorry to hear what you have been having to go through, that must be really hard. i know what you mean about being so frusterated. i feel the same way right now, it is so hard to stay positive when you keep getting one negative result after another, but it will happen, for all of us having trouble, it make take awhile, but down the road it will happen. if you need anything, you are more than welcome to e-mail me, and we can chat as much as you need to...my e-mail address is [email protected] feel free to use it, i am on-line almost all of the time, so i hope i can be of some support and help to you, and we can definatly be of good use to one another whenever we have to face this next month ( if neca__sary ) good luck to you, and i am sorry that you are hurting so bad right now.


KEEKEE - May 4

Hi, I dont answer many posts, but this one I have to answer again. I'm Hello Cara from last night. I was just letting you know I kicked mother nature a__s. She getting on my nerves!!! Always messing with people heads. I had to do it!!! I hope that makes you feel better.....What I have learned is when you don't think about getting pregnant, It sneaks up on ya. A huge surprise!!! It will happen . Just relax and try a hobby. Try kick boxing!!!! Help you get out all that built up anger!!!! It works for me. Keep ya head up high sweetie. I'm senting you Baby Dust!!!


Pam - May 4

Rape is a horrible thing. Just thinking about something like that is horrible let alone going through it, but your a brave person and you prevailed. Don't let this get you. You must be a strong person to go through something so horrible and survive, so by no means should you let this get to you. You'll get through this too and you'll have your baby. Trying to get pregnant is fustrating. I agree with keekee, mother nature needs a good a$$ wiping. Keep your chin up because your strong and nothing is going to stop you. Russell Simmons once said, sometimes our prayers aren't answers right away because God wants to be sure that is really what we want. There is no doubt that all of us on this board really want a baby. God Bless you and baby dust.


stacey - May 4

Cara- I am so sorry for what you have been through! I had a d&e when I m/c, which is usually the samething they do for an abortion. I'm hoping to get pregnant after it as well, but it's been 3 mos already. One of the best things we can do is giving/getting support from this site :) Do you temp, check cervix, or use Opk's? I do it all, so I am hoping I get a BFP soon, but in the meantime it makes me feel good to learn more about my body and cyle. Before all of this, I didn't know that I had such a long cycle.


Erica - May 4

I prayed every night. I been ttc for 4 months. All I did was go to a Mexican Messagers to get my uterus in place. Sometimes it drops a little or moves. Then from there I just had s_x every other day when af was over and of course I stayed in bed for about 15 minutes before getting up. Alot of Doggy Style position and I always had a orgasism first then he would follow. I just got my BFP today. But I think what really worked was praying and leaving it all to god. Baby Dust to you all+++++++++++++++++++++



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