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sunshine7610 - March 9

Ok, girls I need some advice. I'm now 16 dpo. I've had light brown spotting for the last 6 days. Normally my spotting gets heavier and heavier till af comes. So this is weird. I've been on clomid the last 6 months and my cycles are very regular. I ovulated on day 15. My temps are still up there. I've never had a luteal phase this long. I took a hpt this morning but it was neg. I thought for sure it would be pos. Has anyone had a similar situation like this before? Or got a late bfp? It's driving me crazy. I keep going to the bathroom b/c I feel like I'm getting my period but it's nothing or just light brown mucousy stuff. If I'm not preg, I just want af to come so I can get on with it!


LIN - March 9

Did you trigger this month?


Grandpa Viv - March 9

If your temps are still high 18 dpo, that is a strong sign. hCG doubles every few days if you are indeed preg. Test again early next week, first morning pee. Good luck!


sunshine7610 - March 9

No, I haven't done the trigger yet. I was just on clomid.


sunshine7610 - March 9

Thanks Grandpa Viv. If I don't get my period by Monday and my temps haven't gone down yet, I'm going to call my dr. Maybe I'll do another test in the morning too. When I did a test this morning, I thought *maybe* there was a super faint line there as I'm trying to read it at all different angles and in different lighting but then it totally could have been my imagination! Do you think I should test again in the morning or give it a day in between and test Sunday? I'm not one to test before my period is due and I'm never late so I don't know what the best testing interval time is!


stefkay - March 9

sunshine, what kinds of tests are you using? Probably a dumb question...I'm guessing it's probably the most sensitive, but just wondering. It does sound very promising. I had about 6 days of brown spotting/mucousy discharge when I got my bfp (started about 3 days before and continued for about 3 after). I know it isn't necessarily an indicator of pregnancy, just my experience. Good luck!


sunshine7610 - March 10

I used a dollar store test (Pro-care) 3 days ago and clear blue easy this morning.


LIN - March 10

Oh sunshine, I do hope this isn't just the Clomid. I really want to think you'll be one to get a late bfp, but you know me - I don't like to get people's hopes up. If I were in your position, I'd probably just do a $ Tree test once a day until I got an answer. If your period still hasn't come and you still don't have a positive by a week late, I'd call your doc for an ultrasound. Sometimes Clomid can cause cysts if you've got follicles that don't release at ovulation, which is one reason why I like the trigger. I did a trigger on all my IUI cycles, including the Clomid ones. Best of luck to you! Here's to late implantation!


sunshine7610 - March 10

Hi Lin, well AF came this morning. I woke up with killer cramps and then the floodgates opened. I guess I must of had a long luteal phase this month. I'm totally bummed out. And to top it off, we just came back from a friends 2yr olds bday party where there was a bunch of little kids there. Makes it even worse. I think the clomid has been hard on my lining but I will be switching to femara for the next cycle. Clomid has gotten me to ovulate every month though. I've only had follicle tracking in one of my cycles (which is when they found the polyp). But I'm an ultrasound tech so I just have a peek at my ovaries at work! :-) Although I think I'm going to ask my dr if I can have follicle tracking this month because I want to officially make sure my lining is good now. Anyways, thanks for your input!



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