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Tig - August 31

Ladies I need some serious help. I am CD 40 and had a BFN. My cycles vary so I'm either 3 days late to 9 days late. The doctor said that I could be PG just its to early to say yet. I've had every PG symptom in the book in the past and it was PMS. This cycle its like a ovulated 2x and no PMS. I'm pretty sure I ovulated on the 12th. 7 days later I had EW discharge for two days and then the creamy/milky white discharge since then. My br___ts are slightly sore on the sides and my nipples are sensitive. I'm nauseas in the morning and then it passes. Plus I'm so tired and gassy. That's about it. Usually, the PMS symptoms are so bad that I HAVE to be PG, there is no other explanation but AF comes. This time there were no PMS symptoms and besides the white discharge, the other symtoms have come up in theroetically my 4-5 week of pregnancy. Sorry that so long but I wanted to explain my situation clearly. So any waiting buddies and advice would be greatly appreciated!!


B - August 31

I am late too. Could either be 1 day or 5 days late. Took several tests-all BFN! Could not hold out going to the dr tomorrow for a blood test. Hoping to get the results back before the weekend. Are you going to get a blood test? What did your dr say? No pms symptoms either. Only preg symptoms-mild cramping(which has stopped) for about a week and a half and for the past 2 days peeing like I have drank 5 gallons of water. Good luck on AF and BFP!


jasmin - August 31

i cannot believe it.i feel the same way as you. i also had a bfn and am 3 days late and although in the past i have had every symptom in the book this time i have none except sore b___sts on the sides.i just think i am not pregnant and have ovulated late.please wait with me and keep me updated.


Tig - August 31

Thanks Ladies for responding. I'm just so confused. B-The doctor said to wait until next week because it may be to early to tell, and test again. Then most likely I'll get a blood test after that. So I'm going to test again after the 4th, probably on the 7th or 8th. Meanwhile I'm treating myself as PG (I'm not saying anything to anyone until I know for sure). Jasmin-I was thinking the EW from 7 days later maybe was me ovulating late too but I didn't have the ovulation cramps like I did on the 12th. But if that is the case (crazy!) then AF would come on Sept 4. I don't know though-this is the longest I have ever had. Anyway we are in the same boat Best of luck and others feel free to join, ****baby dust to us all*****


b - August 31



charmaine - September 1

hi Tig, nice to see ur thread. I m into the 41st day of my cycle. Last cycle was 48 days (do u incl the 1st af day or not? if yes, then 49 days) .. the cycle be4 last was 43 days. so i m not sure where do i fall for my ovu except taking these two cycles & count back 12-14 days to bd. i do not hv the cm as u gals all describe so i guess the chances r not there, sad :( otherwise, symptons are: very sore nipples initially to tenderness now, bloatness, feelin hungry easily & tiredness. nauseus now & then, slight in the mornin but i jus tell myself might b my stomach is empty. then my gum feel the nerve pain again & subsided these 2 days. so it's either a confirmed case or af might b on its way. hope to hv BFPs from tis site tis time round *******************************


Tig - September 1

Good to see you Charmaine! I'm on CD 41 now and same old stuff. I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS LATE!! Now I have a wicked cold and I woke up 5x last night. Staying bed all day today. I'm avoiding the meds just in case. I hope I am PG (I feel like I am) but that test threw me off and I don't want to jinx anything. Good luck with your blood test B! ***Baby dust****and keep me updated!


B - September 1

Went to the dr and they said that I was not pregnant and should start anyday. Who knows whats going on. Good luck to the rest of you!


jasmin - September 1

hi there Tig, sorry it takes me long to answer. I live in the UK and really only get online in the evenings.I woke up today feeling very tired and miserable-just like AF coming.Don't know whats happ.I really think I am gona see AF in a few days but I hope it's not the same for you. Your symptoms sound promising.I was reading in a fertility book that you cannot ovulate twoce but you can actually start ovulating and then your body sort of pauses then you really ovulate a few days or weeks later.Sometimes this happens due to stress/travel etc. So maybe Tig you ovulated late. Hope you grabbed the opportunity. Well if I ovulated late then I missed my opprotunity.Please keep me posted.Bye


Tig - September 1

Nice to hear from you guys. B-did you have a quant_tive test (hormonal count) or a qualitve nest (yes or no), some times the docs are wrong. Jasmin, I agree-I know I didn't do it twice, but now I think that discharge has to do with the cervical plug building. I feel in my heart that I am PG, but I'll know for sure after the 4th (that's when AF is due if I ovulated late) Good luck!!


jasmin - September 2

hi there again.well i'm out this month.AF made her appearance about an hour ago. i feel better now that i know. i hate the waiting. also, at least i didn't waste any money on more tests.i believe that God knows what is best for us and we should be happy with his will.hope it's positive for you Tig as well as B.Please keep me posted


bump - September 2



B - September 2

Af came today just as the dr said. Don't you hate when they are right??? Oh well, this month I am not even going to concentrate on it. It is just being to consume my life!


jasmin - September 2

hi there Tig and B.well actually it was not AF it was blood from my piles..sorry for tmi.so still now AF.Sorry to hear u had AF B. Rememeber everything happens for the better.try to concentrate on something else.whats up Tig?Waiting to hear from u.


Tig - September 4

Hi Ladies. B- I'm sorry about your AF coming-good luck next month. Jasmin-that's good news that it wasn't AF. Still no AF for me and I'm on CD 44! I'm getting excited. I'm treating myself as PG-no caffine, and especially no alcohol. Its hard for me to keep this a secret-its bursting out of me. But I don't want to even hint at the possibility to anyone until I get a positive test. I've "cried wolf" too many times in the past-especially to DH) After tommarrow and no AF then I am definatley late (based on if I ovulated late) and then I'll test again. I still have the discharge, my b___sts are getting tender on the sides and the nipples are sensitive, some days I think they are getting bigger and others I think not. I'm getting sharp cramps when I cough, slight nausea and upset stomach, and I'm so tired!!! So it looks promising but I'm trying to be reserved about it. I'll keep you posted


shez - September 4

Hi'ya I am currently on CD 30 when my cycle usually runs CD28 spotting and af starts then day after but still nothing. My b___bs have been quite tender this month also which is something i don't usually get. I got a BFN this morning. I had some really bad cramps a few days before af was due and i honestly thought it would be here on time but nothing so far. Fingers crossed for us all.


jasmin - September 4

hi all. well Af made her appearance.o. well I believe that God knows whats best for us.Tig, please keep us informed.Shez hope to hear good news from u too.keep in touch



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