I M New To This Am I Pg

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Nicole22 - February 27

I'm almost 22.My periods have been a normal 30 day cycle for quite some time now. My last period started feb 7 and ended feb 12. i had intercourse on the 14th and on the 21st. He did drip c_m on me after he pulled out. he could have missed some. friday, the 22nd, i woke up feeling very rundown and didn't want to do anything all day. i was also very moody and couldn't seem to control it. i do take pre-natal vitamins. that night i got a brown discharge on my underwear so i assumed i started my period, but it's 2 wks early. after i got that spot i got no other spots. it's only, sometimes, when i go to the bathroom that get a light pink or brown discharge. it was a light pink and extremely scattered on sat. and the on the last part of sun. i wear pads just in case, but i don't need them. I had one tiny spot on one of them 2 days ago and a small brown spot today. it's been mostly brown through out the whole 4 almost 5 days now. I've started my period early before out of stress but it was never light like this (either norm or heavy flow). I would then have another one directly after right on schedule. That hasn't happened for several years now. I've had light periods before but never light like this. Right now I feel a slight pressure in the uterine area and my br___ts aren't sore. i feel hungry but crave nothing. Is the IB? Is it possible for implantation to occur a day after intercourse? could i be pg? help.


Becky22 - February 29

Hi, I've never been pg but from what I've read on implantation bleeding it could be that - although I'm not sure if it lasts for that long. Could just be a weird period. Have you taken a test?


tamkrat - February 29

Hi, I've never been pregnant either, but it can't be implantation bleeding as that usually occurs the earliest 8 days after conception, unless you ovulate really early and conceived on the 14th? I don't know, maybe its just a weird period, have you been stressed out recently? I have a 30 day cycle too, so normally ovulation wouldn't have come so quickly, but its difficult to know unless you are temping, are bodies are weird and wonderful things and everyones different. So you could be pg, when would your af be due if it was a normal month? My af is due in two days and I have a sneaky feeling i'll be seeing her.....again! Damn i wish she would just disappear



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