I M Now Over A Week Late

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Tink75 - May 14

Well, I was due for AF between the 4th and the 6th and it still hasn't arrived. I did however spot off and on the week before (the week of the 24th)...the spotting was pretty much off and on all week but never really added up to fill 1 pad. It was just a drip here and a drip there. I've tested throughout the week and got bfn's BUT yesterday I tested again and at first it was BFN but then I looked later and it was BFP...it was past 10mins though so I'm taking it as a negitive. I just can't stand this not knowing, it's enough to drive a person crazy!


corinne - May 14

Hey Tink I'm in the same boat with ya, was suppose to start af around the same time as you. But only I had spotting for like 5 minutes 3 different nights that week. Now I'm on cd40. I took two tests last week one was negative and the other was a faint positive. But only the bfp was the first one I took. I'd say that it would be ok to test again. I'm gonna.


Grandpa Viv - May 14

Right on!. Keep testing fmu at one week intervals until you miss a second period, and if still neg ask a doc what is going on. In the meantime act as though you might be (vitamins, alcohol etc.) Good luck!


Tink75 - May 14

Lets us know how it goes corinne, I hope you get your BFP! I'm not really having awhole lot of symptoms, just been very tired and I've noticed today I feel a pulling sensation, like a *heavyness* in my lower tummy area; I don't know if that's a sign but it's something new I've noticed about myself. Also I've alittle bit of b___st tenderness but not much which very strange for me. I'll probably test again next weekend, I'll then be 2 weeks late.


couldbee - May 14

Hey there, I'm the same - 6 days now but had a BFN yesterday Waiting waiting!!!! Will do another test a week from yesterday I think, if it doesn't come and I don't go mad in the mean time :)


Tink75 - May 14

Good luck coubdbee!!! I work all week so *hopefully* that'll keep my mind off of testing til the weekend...lol The bad part is, I work with tons of doctors everyday and I drive myself crazy cuz I want to ask them about my symptoms but can't!! LOL ~*~*~Baby Dust~*~*~


couldbee - May 15

Mmmm good luck to you too! :) Yeah I have been pretty distracted at work, but can't tell anyone why!!! Works was a party that we went to on Sat night and everyone kept asking why I wasn't drinking, kept telling them I was on antibiotics lol


corinne - May 16

Gotta a question for either of you if not both. My cervix is still really low and not sure why wondering if you may know what that means.


couldbee - May 16

I'm not sure sorry I'm so new to all of this :)


linds99 - May 16

Corinne, I read that after ovulation, your cervix will drop lower in your v____a and feel firm, like the tip of your nose. During pregnancy, the cervix will rise a bit and become softer, but the timing of this happening will vary from woman to woman. For some, this will happen shortly before their period is due, but for others, this will not happen until quite a while after their pregnancy has been confirmed.


Saird - May 16

Hi Tink, I've been having the same thing. I'm on CD54 today, I 've been having spotting on and off for about a week only when I wipe. It's like pinkish CM. If not pregnancy, I want to know what else would cause this. I'm going to the doc this afternoon. Maybe he can say....


BrendaW - May 16

Tink75- Give us an update on how you are and if you have tested again!


Tink75 - May 16

***Copied & pasted from post this morning*** ~STILL no af, today I am on CD 41; so that makes me 10 days late only cuz I'm usually every 31 days. I had light spotting on April 24th and lasted a week BUT throughout that week of spotting, I don't think I could have filled 1 pad...it was just like *a drop here, a drop there* that's it. All day Sunday I had this weird pressure in my lower belly and tried peeing ALL day to get rid of it...didn't work. Yesterday I had a little bit of cramping off and on but that's it. I still have little bit of the pressure, but it doesn't hurt or anything, just annoying. I have taken a few hpts and all negitive, the last one I took was I think Saturday (I was a week late) and at first it was - then when I looked later to throw it away it was a faint + but since it was over 10 minutes I'm taking it as a negitive. Since I had that werid spotting on the 24th, I'm going to wait til next week *the 24th* and test again if no af shows up. When I was pregnant with my son, I had blood taken when I was 3 weeks along with him and the ER said I wasn't pregnant so....it makes me think.~


Tink75 - May 16

You know, something else I have noticed...I had a real bad headache on Sunday and another one today. That's not like me at all...I seriously don't get headaches unless I'm hungover or hit in the head...lol I really *would be* surprised if I *wasn't* pregnant.Oh and I've been peeing alot...who knows, maybe it's all in my head...lol


Saird - May 16

Hi, doc took blood and did exam. I will find out tomorrow. He said I was 'soft' down there.


couldbee - May 17

Good luck with your blood Tink75



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