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Vickie - November 14

My symptoms have turned out to be pregnancy - I just took a test (Cleerblue digital) and it says in words if you are pregnant or not!!! Just wanted to share the good news!


Deb - November 14

Vickie that is great! God Bless you and your new baby. I wish you the best of luck. I am due for af this Saturday and hope I become as lucky as you. What a great time to be pregnant! Habe you had any symptoms? I have been getting headaches and I normally dont get them. Just looking for your feedback!


Deb - November 14

Terri mine are exactly the same!!! I wake up with them and then they slowly go away. I hope its a sign!!! Thanks for your well wishes and I will keep you posted.


To Vickie and Terri - November 14

What dpo were you when you tested, how long before AF was due? Any other symptoms besides headaches.? Yay for you both. Congrats and thanks for your input.


shorty - November 14

congratulations vic!!!!


kat - November 14

WOW! Congratulations! Is this your first? Hope all goes well, keep us posted! Be well and God Bless!


Terri - November 14

Deb- you described it perfectly, it;s there when I wake up and then slowly starts to fade, but if I think about it I can feel it, it is very strange, all those hormones..lol.I tested at 9 dpo and could barely see anything and then 10 dpo a light line and now today it is a nice bright line. Good luck, sounds promising! Keep me updated..sending that baby dust your way! And I really don't have any other big symptoms yet, I am very tired in afternoon though.


Deb - November 14

Terri thanks! I hope this is it! I feel so bloated right now but am way too afraid to test just yet. Tomorrow I will be 10 dpo but am going to wait till I am day late. At least I can hold out hope till then versus testing too early and getting BFN!


Deb - November 14

Oh and thanks for the baby dust. I will be sure to keep you updated!


me - November 14

To Deb - I am at 10 DPO too and will be testing tomorrow. Hopefully, this will be it for us! good luck with your test!


Vickie - November 15

Hi everyone! Yep I have symptoms and have had for about 8 weeks, but I took a test 4 weeks ago and I thought there might have been a line, but I put it down to imagination! I have morning sickness (all day), i'm so tired I want to sleep all day and I have had headaches. I also can't stand my favourite foods - crisps and chips! I'm so glad I didn't imagine all the symptoms as I have been so desperate to get pregnant!



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