I M Pregnant Twins

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MrsShelton217 - March 1

I am 4.5 weeks. Yesterday my beta was 1500. That seems high. I read that the average HCG level w/ just one baby at 4.5 weeks is 460. The average w/ twins at the same gestation is 1500. Anyone know anything about this?


kerilynh - March 1

When I was pregnant with my twins, my HCG was actually on the low side for a singleton pregnancy. So the numbers really can vary from woman to woman. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Do you have twins in your family. Request an ultrasound early on and hopefully they will tell then.


MrsShelton217 - March 1

I am a fraternal twin. I had an ultrasound yesterday (abdominal...) You couldnt see anything except the thick uterine stripe


kerilynh - March 1

I was 5 weeks preggo when I found out I was preggo. A week later I had to have an emergency surgery for an internal hernia with obstruction (related to Gastric Bypa__s). The next day they did an ultrasound and only saw one heartbeat. At 13 weeks they saw two. Iheard they should be able to tell around 8 weeks. Sometimes even later.


danimarie - March 1

I just looked on one site and it said that at 5 weeks (which you are getting close to) the hcg can be anywhere from 18 to 7,340. Didn't I also read that you tested positive pretty early? That means your hcg level should be higher if it was already able to be detected early on a HPT. It just keeps on doubling. Honestly, the range of numbers is SO big that I would just wait and see. It is obviously a possibility, but I wouldn't a__sume that yet. Good luck!


izechsmama - March 1

i think your chances are good that you might be carrying twins.. def dont get your hopes up yet... but the fact that you tested really early and got a positive means that maybe even then you had higher than normal levels.. and if you are a twin yourself.. i think your chances are good... :) GL to you and keep us posted when you find out!


COL - March 1

hi, i am 5.4 weeks pregnant, and at 4.4 weeks, my hcg was 6850, as others said, hcg is not a very good way to know. good luck



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