I M Pregnant My Symptoms

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Sam - May 27

Hi everyone. Here's my story: I had what I thought could be implantation bleeding May 21-25. It was brown, very, very light... I have no other symptoms...just a little bit of tingling in my BBs. Almost to where I wouldn't notice it if I wasn't looking/hoping. I went to the doctor yesterday, because I did a First Response test in the morning and it was a faint positive. By the time I got to the doctor around noon, and took a urine test, I must have drank too much water or something, because that was plain-as-day negative. I urged her to do a blood test, though, because the HPTs are pretty accurate (or so I've read). She called me this morning, and I am pregnant!! I hardly believed her, but she said I am!!!! It's almost worrisome that I don't have any symptoms, but the blood test doesn't lie!!


peanut - May 27

CONGRATS!!!!! That is so exciting! I wouldn't be worried that you don't have any symptoms...you will probably regret saying that later in your pregnancy when they do hit. haha. but best of luck!


Lex - May 27

Wow Sam! Congrats! You give me hope. I was suppose to get af on the 25th and she hasn't shown yet. My symptoms tell me that I might be preggo. Things like nausea on and off all day, my b___sts are sore but my nipples are so sore and extra perky. Then I've been feeling lightheaded and I have to sit for a while and gain my composure. I never experience these symptoms with my cycle. My cycle is never late and on time like clock work every month. But the thing that baffles me is that I took a hpt last friday and this morning both days I got a BFN. I figured friday may have been to early so I just knew this morning (fmu) would reveal a BFP...Not! I've always use First Reponse and it has always worked well for me even days before I expect af. I just want to know either way.


Jessica - May 27

WOW! SO happy for you! I trusted First response and POSITIVE


kim - May 27

The fact that you have no symptoms is not all that uncommon in the first 4 weeks or so. It hit me around 8 weeks with both of my kids


Rainbow - May 27

That's great news! Congrats!! I didn't get any symptoms until I was around 7 weeks or so, and all was well. But..it can sometimes really hit you at 7 weeks, lol..you'll be longing for those 'good old early days' when you felt nada..


Sam - May 27

Thanks. That is rea__suring. I was kind of worried about the lack of symptoms...I really don't feel anything. I've noticed I've gotten light-headed a little more than normal (but again, I was looking for these symptoms), and I've been a little more tired than normal. In any case, I'm so happy. This message board has really helped through this process (we've been trying since February). Good luck to everyone! Lex — maybe you should ask your doc for a blood test...it can't hurt!



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