I M Pregnant Finally Yeah

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heather - September 26

well girls I 'am finnaly pregnant.. and for all of thows girl who tested and got a really faint + .. It could mean you are pregnant because I had 4 vfp and 5 bfn and today I tested and got a dark bfp... yeah haw.. so dont give up .. good luck to all of you...


J - September 26

Heather. CONGRADULATIONS!!! now I need you to put your thinking cap on. I have a few questions for you. What are your symptoms? Did you feel these symptoms before or after you got a BFN? How many dpo did you finally get that BFP? and last but not least, did you have sore b___bs, with tingly sore nipples? I really appreciate any input you can give me.


JM - September 26

Congratulations Heather, can you give us some input as to how you got that BFP?


heather - September 26

hey girlz well I was 11 days late and stsrted taking test at 2 days late and got bfn then 3 days late bfn then 4 days late bfn. then 4 days I got 2 ept +/- test one was bfn then the other was vfp.. now this + was so lite I really could barrly see it. then I waited 2 days and took an equate test bfn. so I waited 2 more days and got first responce 3 tests ... I took all 3 tests in 2 days all of the tests were vfp very very very vfp.. so them this morning I took a cheep western family test and got a dark + ... I just barrliy took the other test just to make sure and still +... so my simptomes before my bfn were sore body head achs, stomic cramps, hungry, felt like I had to poo all the time, no pimples my b___bs never hurt but they did't hury with my 1 st eather..well all's I can say is if you get vfp dont give up they can turn into bfp's.. good luck girls


J - September 26

So, you had a sore body, hu. Like was your ribs sore at all. I feel sore all over and my ribs are even sore. I am due for my AF on the 30th. But my bbs were so tender when I ovulated and that has subsided now but now my nipples are a little tingly. Does that sound like anything that you had. Did you have any IB?


Bonnie - September 26

heather- when you say your body was sore....did you feel achy all over? almost flu like, but not quite as bad as the flu? I experienced that yesterday, and then today got a very very faint positive. I'm going to test again in two days.


J - September 26



heather - September 26

my hole body was /is sore and no my ribbs never hurt but that really means nothing girls just test every 2 days thats what I did.. good luck..


heather - September 27

hey girls well my body did feel acky all over and it did almost feel like the flu.. not quite a__s bad though but this morning I have to say I feel pretty good... It's a good change.. I fell really pucky... I never felt that way with mt first.. he's 2 now... well girls keep the questions coming.. If I can help in any way you let me know... ok... :)


J - September 27

heather thank you so much for your responces. I too have the same symptoms as you with some others but those are all signs of my AF as well. I am really happy for you and wish you the best of luck!!!!


heather - September 27

thank you best wishes to you too..


amanda - September 27

congrats heather. i am 5 days late and i still am getting a bfn. i dont feel like i have any symptoms of an af or a pg. i do feel like i have to go #2 all the time and i go alot more then usual. my lower stomach aches a little when i walk and if i hold my pee to long. my nose has been stuffy the past like week. and i feel like i may be comming down with a cold or something.


to amanda - September 27

I feel like I have the flu right now, and I got two bfp's today. I still want to get it confirmed with the doctor, but if you still have not gotten AF, and feel a little sickish...you could still be pg, or maybe you are really coming down with something, and it caused AF to postpone herself. good luck to you, and keep us posted.


heather - September 27

hey girls well i THINK YOU SHOULD JUST WAIT 2 DAYS AND TEST AGAIN AND KEEP TESTING EVERY 2 days. sorry about the caps.. good luck


t - September 27

does any one think early response tests are good an could any one recomend any good tests.i give up on tryin them all.


to t - September 27

t- I got a BFP at 12dpo with first response and these cheap internet pregnancy strips from www.early-pregnancy-tests.com. If you can wait until a few days after AF is due....I heard that the equate and Wal-Mart brands are fairly realiable, but they do not detect as small amt fo HCG as the early one's do. hope this helps


heather - September 27

for test's just from my experiance I would go cheep. If you have a family dollar or dallar tree or even the generic brand from you grocery store would be good.. good luck



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