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kimmydee - May 26

I have been trying to conceive since New Years. I've been on the pill for 10 years. I got my period on Jan.3, didn't get a period for a while but since have had 2 regular periods. Now i am a week and a half late. Took a test on monday (1 week late) and another today (1 1/2 weeks late) I feel like i have symptoms but maybe wishful thinking-sore br___ts, waves of nausea, my stomach seems rounder, and different discharge than I'm used to. Someone please help. thanks


hi - May 26

it could be that your cycles are not fully back to normal yet. do you keep track of when you ovulate? if you do you can count 14 days (or whatever lenght you luteal phase is) to the date when you af is due. i was on pills only for one year and i honestly think it took about 7 months before all hormone was out of my system. because after getting of the pill i would get my af on exactly 28 days - and normally my af does vary alittle bit. on the other hand, you might be very lucky and hit the jackpot right away. in that case i would wait another week, test again. if no af i would make an appointment with doc for blood and u/s. good luck to you!


kimmydee - May 26

thank you for your help, i guess i want this to happen right away so i'm probably jumping the gun a bit.


Chriss - May 26

Kimmydee, please don't get frustrated. I think alot of us are under the false impression that as soon as we stop taking birth control that we will get pregnant almost immediately, and unfortunately for most that isn't the case. This is my 10th month ttc, my cycles are regular, I know when O is and time bd'ing around that and still no luck. I think this is the month for me though, but we will see. Please have a little bit of patience, the let down month after month can get to you if you let it, so you should do something to treat yourself if af shows up. Each month IF af show's up, go and get your nails or hair done and when you finally get that ever illusive BFP, then really treat yourself to a full body ma__sage!! treating yourself will take some of the stress off of you and make you feel a little better at least for a moment! Good luck to you and I am throwing LOADS of baby dust your way. CATCH!!!


kimmydee - May 26

thank you chriss. oh i caught it alright!! i really do look forward to af because then at least you know one wat or another, and then you can start trying again. it's the not knowing that sucks.


angie - May 26

keep your chin up, kimmydee, i know you're frustated and its harder every time you read that someone else got a positive. you just have to congratulate them and keep your hopes up,cause your turn is comin. im waiting too. cant test till june 3..i wish this could go faster! i hope this is it though, we've been ttc for 8 mos. Baby dust to you!


kimmydee - May 26

baby dust for you angie. what does bd stand for?


to kimmydee - May 26

bd-- baby dance!! the 'ol love -makin' i really do think the acronyms are cute- sure does make for faster typing too!



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