I M So Confused

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Leeza - December 21

I've been trying to get pregnant for 9 months now. Last month i really thought i was and then i got my period. So at that point i was giving up on trying because i couldn't take the disappointment anymore. Then during my fertile time this month we had s_x once and i had light bleeding the next day, which never happened before. It only lasted one day. I'm not suppose to get my period for at least 10 more days. Could i have been pregnant last month and i still got my period, or could i have gotten pregnant the other day when we had s_x and the bleeding being from the egg being fertilized? Help!!!


Grandpa Viv - February 10

Sorry it's taking so long. Don't give up! Or maybe do give up, cos then it will happen. You may actually have to get scientific about it, with BBT, opk, cm and cp. Maybe you really were last month, but for some reason it didn't stick - no biggie. I would interpret a touch of blood the day after ovulation as coming from the rupturing of the follicle, not fertilization or implantation, but don't ask why you never noticed it before. Not what you wanted to hear, I'm sure. We will ask the baby dust angels to watch over you. Good luck!


To Grandpa VIV - February 10

None of my business as it's not my post HOWEVER.. saying no biggie to a woman who has been TTC for 9 months is just wrong.. Well I think it is a BIGGIE and maybe we don't want to hear that.. Sorry Leeza maybe your OK with it, but i find it offensive.. Good luck Leeza!!


Grandpa Viv - February 10

I expect those two words will raise other eyebrows, too. Let me explain why I used them. This forum tries to out-guess the doctors, who would not venture an opinion at this stage. Women here seek encouragement and also an explanation of what is happening (Leeza - I'm so confused). Knowledge is power. We need to know and we need to accept that part of the process is for the body to check each conception and reject imperfections. This often happens - as many as one quarter of conceptions do not stick. Time and again we see Leeza's post "I could have sworn I was pregnant last month, but then AF came". Far from being distraught over this, Leeza can take courage from the fact that her body is doing the right things, and that if she perseveres she will succeed. Maybe I should have said "- you almost made it".



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