I M So Confused

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Kimberli - January 30

I don't know if I am spotting or if its implantation bleeding, or a regular period but I started having this "discharge" type bleeding. It was so faintly pink but you could tell there was blood in it (started a few hours ago) and then there was nothing for a few hours. It came back but now theres a little more blood in it, but still not enough for me to even come close to comparing this to a regular period. I am having little to no cramping, I am secually active and my period is supposed to start in 2 days according to my calendar. I am not on birth control and there has been no significant changes in my diet lately, or excersize. I don't take any medication for anything and I have been feeling a little weird lately but I figured it was just pre-menstrul stuff since I get that rather bad. (sore chest, headaches, achy back, fatigue) I don't know what to think about this.


nino3 - January 30

If your af should come in 2 days, then this is probably your period starting. You might have ov. earlier than you think and this is why af is coming sooner. There is also the posibility of implantation bleeding so i suggest you give it a couple of days and if your af dont start then and its still realliy light pink, then you should take a pregnancy test. Youll have your answer then.


DaBonkElsMe - January 30

Sometimes you can spot before your period comes full force. That can happen even if it never happened to you before. Like nino3 said, hang on for a couple of days, if your period doesn't show - take a test and see.


bronwynne ann - January 30

You and me both. I too, am suffering the same as you. Since december 2006 I had s_x with my husband, a week after I started to suffer with a feeling of wanting to be sick, but I wasnt. Then I was waiting for a perios that did not come on the due day, it was 3 days late, when it came it was not a period as suck it was brown/pink mucous or whatever it was. I automatically thought implantation bleeding. Then I got a small period, but while all this happening, I suffer sore breats, headaches, sore back, nausea sometimes, i have an inverted nipple, even that has popped out. So call period stopped, then a few days later more spotting and bown/pink again, stop one day start the next, so I dont know where I am also. Then I finally got a period well I will call it that, then I had one small spot of bright red blood as if I had cut myself, and then it was gone, and have had nothing eversince. But left with the symptoms of bloated stomach, sore b___sts, veins in my b___sts stick out, nipples out, tender to touch and feel bigger than normal, hungry all the time, have done home pregnancy tests but docter seemed these were too early but they were negative, too scared to do another so I havent now for 3 weeks, maybe I should. But docter is sending me for scan, I hope I am pregnant, but wont get hopes high just incase Iam not. Everything you are going through, I am going through, so please feel free to write back, I will be interested to see how you get on. Keep happy and stay positive. Bronwynne Morgan


Kimberli - January 30

Well, I woke up this more with EXCRUTIATING pain in my ovaries. I drank some water, and literally by uteris and ovares convulsed. I still have minimal bleeding but... I think something is just really wrong with my cycle. I shouldn't be having pain like I did this morning. I have an ultrasound schedualed for my ovaries on the 7th of febuary. If the bleeding does not heavy by tomorrow, I plan on having a blood test to check for pregnancy on the 7th to make sure.



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