I M So Confused Someone Please Help

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Dimmples007 - July 5

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost a year but I just recently over the last 3 months started tracking everything (opk, fertility belnd vitamins, temp) My periods are very regular every 26 days and I always get my lh surge 2 days after I start it. Well this past month something was different my period came two days early and at first it was very light pink then as the day went by it actually got red and heavier so I finally needed a tampon (usually my period starts heavy right away and on time). I took a pg test it was negative. I thought for sure I was pregnant. Another wierd thing is my breats they are A LOT bigger and they hurt usually it happens right before my period but always goes away but they didn't this time, I ended my period about 8 days ago. Also I have had frequent urination, a very dry mouth waking in the morning especially and paind and twinges every now and then in my abdomen, I've also had an upset stomach a lot with diarreah and I thought I was going to throw up this morning, also very tired more than usual. This is the week I should have had my lh surge but haven't had it yet, it should have been yesterday and today but nothing. Like I said everything has been like clock work and now all this weird stuff. Can someone help me! Could I be pregnant even though hpg test keeps coming up neg? I took two so far. But I swear I could be pregnant. Or maybe I miscarried and thought it was an early period? Any information will be helpful. Thank you in advance...


Grandpa Viv - July 5

Sounds like another hpt is in order, using first morning pee. The hCG hormone doubles every few days. Maybe you needed to wait a little. Good luck!


mom8403 - July 5

i am in a similar situation..my periods are always 28 days..last month it was 2 days late and this month it is 3 days early..last month i took a test it was neg i went to the docs for an ultrasound and everything was normal..so i wonder what all this means too..i mean this months period is 1 day normal now today its light...i dont know if i sould test or just wait..


kaylas mom - July 5

ya know Dimmples I am having the EXACTsame symptoms. My af is 2 days late. I tested today in the afternoon and it was negative, but I am thinking about retesting in the morning! Good luck....lots of baby dust!


Dimmples007 - July 6

Hey guys, Thanks for your input. Grandpa Viv I took your advice and tested again this morning but still a negative. It's so frustrating!!! I made an appointment with the doctor for next thursday. Hopefully I can get some answers then. Until then my b___bs are STILL extremly big and sore and I haven't had an lh surge yet and I've been testing for over a week now, (according to my calendar and charting it should have already came and went) I have always ovulated before and always when expected. Now all of a sudden I'm not ovulating?! But why? I'm thinking is there a possibility that the 2 day early wierd period I had was really a miscarriage? And it screwed up my ovulation and that's why I still have some signs of pregnancy (sore big b___bs etc...) I heard some women can miscarry and not know and think it was there period and then still have symptoms of pregnancy, that they don't go away until about 2 weeks after the miscarriage, Is this true? Do you think it could be a possibility? Well, if anyone has anything else to say about what they think PLEASE let me know. Any input I can get is better than me sitting here all alone trying to figure it all out and going crazy! Thank you everyone! And good luck and baby dust to all that are trying so hard just like myself to have a baby! =O)



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