I M Very Confused Maybe You Can Relate

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robinbird - December 30

so, last month, my period was 17 days late. i was pretty convinced i was pregnant, but after 4 negative hpt's and a negative blood test, i figured i might not be. then my period came, and it seemed pretty normal. about 2 days ago, i started having A LOT of watery, sort of egg white discharge. that lasted all through today and now it is a pinkish color. last month when my period was late, i had nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and sensitivity to smells. the day my period was supposed to come, i got the same amount of watery discharge that i have had this week, except my period came like 10 days later. could i be pregnant, even with the negative blood test? i didn't ask them how much hcg was in my blood. i probably should have. i feel like if i buy more pregnancy tests, i might just be wasting my time. has any had a similar experience? thanks.


Mrs.Neves - December 31

You could of been ovulating.. with that kind of discharge


Mrs.Neves - December 31

try using he dollar store pregnancy tests my cousin has 3 kids and she swears by them


jodicrosby - January 2

I am right there with you, I am currently 14 days late. I'm on the pill, well I was up until Dec 17th (when I started my sugar pills) but I had missed 2 days in that pack...OOPS! I have taken 5 HPT, all negative. I had what looked like implantation bleeding last Sunday. My stomach is hard as a rock, I've had cramping since last Sunday, bloating....this feels nothing like a period. I saw my doc on Tuesday and she's having me go on Monday for a blood test. She told me that BCP can cause a test to not pick up hcg. I've been obsessing over this for two weeks now. I obviously can't go back on the pill until I find out for sure if I'm pregnant, which is pretty awesome b/c I want a baby and my hubby and I haven't been safe since I went off the pill, so even if I'm not now and it's in my head, maybe I will be soon. By the way, do some research on the dollar store tests, I've read the Dollar Tree test detect a 25 on the hcg, but I bought a Family Dollar test and it only detects a 50. The lower the number the better, I think the lowest you can get is a 15. Best of luck to you, I totally understand how emotionally drained you are, I am too.


firechic74 - January 13

I took 2 HPT on tuesday and both were positive. I called the doc and went in and the one in the office was pos. I went and had the blood work done and get a call yesterday that my HCG level was lower for the dates that I gave them for my last period. I am hoping that maybe I'm off on my dates. I had one day of spotting in dec but my last full period was in Nov. I really hope that I am still pregnant and will continue to be pregnant. My fiance and I are really happy but now I am totally stressed and confused!



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