I Might Be PG Too Scared To Test

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JiLL - June 20

ok, well for the past 3 months my Af has been the 19th of the month and excatly around 11am/12pm ish. Well My af is now 2 days late and I have small cramping lower stomach, sore bbs and small headaches here and there. But i am too nervous to test. It is very rare that I would be very late, so I think this might be my lucky month. what do you think?


BlueEyes268 - June 20

Hi Jill...my Af comes every 35 days, and my af is now 2 days late as well. I have extreme heartburn, and I'm rather "bloated". My Af is never past 35 days! I took a test yesterday, but it was a bfn. So now I sit here & wait. I'm nervous too...and somewhat excited.( My daughter will be 9 in Sept.) It is very rare that mine is late as well. This might be your lucky month...let's wait together...sounds like you might be. Keep me posted.


Danielle26 - June 20

How can your period be the same numbered day of every month? That would mean that your cycle is different lengths every month. I would wait a week to see if your period is coming. If it doesn't come in a week take an HPT. Good luck.


Danielle26 - June 20

Also, I did some research, and for the last 3 months your cycle was 30, then 28, then 31 days. Wait a few then test! :)


Rhonda - June 20

Dont be afraid to test.Your gonna have to find out at some point if your pregnant or not.best of luck.


Lin - June 20

From being on this website for about 9 months now, I can tell you that the large majority of women who come on here late for their periods are in fact NOT pregnant. Of course that doesn't mean that's the case for you, but it does mean that whenever someone asks "what do you think?" I'll be the skeptic. As Danielle said, if your period shows on the same day of the month every month, that's evidence right there that it is not constant but varies in length. The only way you'll know if you're pregnant or not is to test. We can't tell you. So TEST! Good luck!


j. - June 21

Jill? How are you? Have you tested? Keep us posted..


VenusdiMilo - June 21

Well Jill, I find it odd you get your AF the same day every month but anyway, you shouldn't be afraid to know if you're pregnant or not if you want to be pregnant. The sooner you know the sooner you'll be able to start giving your baby the proper care. So, I say test! Good luck!!



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