I Miscarriaed After 6 Weeks Three Weeks I Think I Am Again

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Paula - October 31

I had a miscarrige at only 6 weeks of pregnancy, thrre weeks later the symptoms have come back on, sickness, tender br___ts, tiredness and discharge. I keep trying to convince myself that my body is just recovering but in the back of my mind I cant help thinking that I am pregnant. Does anyone know if it is possible to fall that quickly after. Thankyou


m - November 1

yes, it is possible. I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. I ovulated almost 3 weeks later, and got pregnant again. It was too soon, so I miscarried again. Not all women do, but I did. So you could either be pregnant again, or still have the hcg hormone in your system. If that is the case, your body could still think you are pregnant, therefore, still be giving you these "signs/symptoms". I would go get a quant_tative blood test and see if you have the hormone. If so, your doctor will have to decide if this is a new pregnancy, or if it's leftover from the old pregnancy. If you don't have hcg in your system, you may just be experiencing your first onset of PMS after miscarriage.


Shell - November 1

I, too, once had a m/c @ 6 weeks...and 6 weeks later was pregnant again. He's now a beautiful 2-year-old. Yes, it is possible you could be pregnant. Go see your doctor. He/She may recommend a high-risk OB/Gyn to treat patients as yourself. GOOD LUCK!!!! I've been there.


m - November 1

To Shell - Did you wait one full cycle before getting pregnant? I didn't know if you meant you got pregnant 6 weeks later, or you "found out" you were pg 6 weeks later. My doc has told me to wait 2-3 cycles, but I'm not very patient. I like hearing from women who only waited one.


Scattyone - November 1

I started tring after the bleeding stopped I did not want to wait


paula - November 1

I had a test when I left the hospital and there were no signs of the hormone. I am petrified to do another test. I'm going out of my mind


h - November 1

I miscarried at 6 weeks. My doctor told me to wait a full cycle before trying, and I accidentally got pregnant a few weeks later before even having a regular period. That pregnancy was uneventful and now I have a wonderful son!


Paula - November 4

Thank you thats rea__suring, I am now under a specialist anti natal doctor to watch my progress due to my diabeties so when i eventually do fall (if I havent already {fingers croosed}) it will be closly monitored



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