I Need A Answer Am I Pregnant

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Tonya - October 12

okay here it goes, i get my period on the first of every month, im very regular when it comes to that. I had unprotected s_x on the 9/22 by the ovulation caluculater on the computer it was not one of my "fertile" days. Well 6 days after having s_x I start my period early, it was a pretty normal period 5 days long normal bleeding etc. Now here it is 10/12 and I have felt nausea for the last 2 days and have had lower left side crampy feelings for the last 2 days...is there ANY possible way i could be pregnant or does it sound like I am maybe ovulating now for this month...please somebody give me there insight...thanks you guys


laura - October 12

I get my period at the end of the month. I had a regular period at the end of sept. I had unprotected s_x but he withdrew a couple times in the first part of october. last night I wiped once and noticed light red color and went back later and no sign of color anymore. I am really not supposed to start my period until the end of the month. What do you think?


Kal - October 12

If you had a regular 28 day cycle, and the first day of your last period was on 1st September, you'd have been due on 29th September. You're saying you had unprotected s_x on the 22nd and got your period 6 days later, so on the 28th? It sounds more like a period to me, but if you're still concerned take a pregnancy test or contact your doctor to find out for sure.


Kal - October 12

Laura: Difficult, but the only thing you can do it wait and see. Do you know the first day of your last period and your cycle length, so you can figure out your dates?


e - October 12

Sounds like a reg period to me...aLso if you are having pains on 10/12, that would be about the time that you would ovulate if your cycle is normal...I say your probably not but you could take test to be sure.


Laura - October 12

well I guess my math was a little off it was 5 days later because I started my period on the 27th of september, so why do you think I have lower left side cramps for the last couple of days? is it because I am ovulating right now?


Kal - October 12

Laura, maybe you should contact your doctor about this? We're not really the best people to ask about pains etc, and I'd hate to see you get any bad advice. You could be pregnant, but equally there could be something wrong. Take care xx


jolly... - October 12

hi...i realy missed my period..my last prd was sept 3.we had s_x on sept 8..until now i still dnt have my mens..but last octber 12, i had this dark red/red a little brown of blood..little blood but it filled the napkin..so..am i pregnant?


someone - October 12

jolly, no one can answer that for you. You need to take a test.



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