I Need Advice Could I Be Pregnant

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Nikki - March 28

ive been on birth control on and off .. really not using it corectly for about 4 months then on mar. 6 i started a new pack of pills but idk if i even started them right .. then on mar. 9 and 18 i had unprotected s_x well since idk if the birth control counts since im pretty sure im taking them wrong. but i got brownish/ pinkish spotting on mar. 21 and off and on for about a week. im not sure of the exact date im suppose to get my peroid just inbetween mar.28 and apr.3 .. i took a hpt today (mar. 28) but it came up neg. am i in the clear, was the spotting my peroid? what should i do?


erica - March 28

What it means is that your body is going cucu. You need to make up youre mind on what you want to do. Take bc or not. Youre body is in shock. It will do that if you don't make up your mind. Mind was doing that for about 3 months. I berely stop the bc on January for sure now.


jena - March 28

i agree with erica - your body is so confused - the pill makes your body think it's pregnant so you don't ovulate. so, since you are taking it so irratically, your body doesn't know what to think, when to bleed, what to do... I don't think you are preggo - just think you are hormonally off balance.


stephy - March 29

Im in a way in the same boat as u.. i have birth contorl pills for 2 months precribed to me.. i staretd the first pack... day my period started and im gonna continue.. whether i get my third pack im not sure.. But i think i will continue.. anyways make up your mind on what you want and also... remmeber the correct way is to take the first pill first day of ur period.. and then everday afterwards same time... and if u happen to not take it the same time.. make sure you try not to miss a day.. sometimes i take mine a couple of horus late... doctor said it's fine.. =) so good luck to u... let your body know what u want and try to stay stress free..


Daisy Jean - March 29

Nikki- You are "pretty sure you are taking them wrong"- what questions do you have about how to take them? I'm sure we can help that info. : )


Nikki - March 29

Well i just mean starting the pill wrong. i just started on a sunday but then i read that your suppose to start during your peroid and i didnt. But before that which was mar. 6 i started the pack i completely wasn't taking bc for a whole month and i was fine so thats why i thought i could be pregnant because i had s_x on mar.9 only 3 days after i started taking the pills and i read your suppose to wait a week for the pills to kick in. What do you think?



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