I Need Advice PLEASE Could I Be Pregnent

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Andrea - January 20

I am 17. My last period started Dec. 5 but now i am late. I have been kinda stressed since then with work, senior yr., and being a little more active. I was pregnent at age 15 but had to have an abortion. I havent felt the signs like before (no vomiting or extreme fatigue). I had s_x once this month (dec. 28) with bf but it was only 20 to 30 sec then we stopped bc i wanted to. I usually dont check my mucus but i did today and it was thick and kinda creamy. I dont know what that means if anything. I am too scared to take a test bc it would kill my parents to do this again. I just dont know why i havent started if anyone could help please I need it. By my calculations I would be around 3 weeks preg and i pretty sure i should have some sign.


friendly advice - January 20

Your best bet is to test. If it is negative, see your doctor anyway. You are under a great deal of stress and that can postpone a period sometimes, so your doctor can help you find ways to solve your problem. Also, are you on birthcontrol? Sometimes that does weird things, especially if you recently changed a prescription.


ekay - January 20

At least you didn't have s_x around your fertile time, which I think would have been around the 19th +/-. Take a test anyways-it should come back accurate by now.


Megs - January 20

If youre worried about your parents reaction and you dont want a baby yet, then I would suggest quit having s_x with your boyfriend. I know my husband and I waited, and it was such a blessing. So great to have that special bond, just with us!


rebecca - January 20

am i pregnent


kat - January 20

maybe you should seriously consider birth control,if you have already had 1 abortion why risk getting pregnant again.and if you last period was 5th dec that woul make you just over 6 weeks pregnant(thats the way the doctors work it out,from the first day of your last period) you really need to test,you have to do it sometime,good luck.


kat - January 20

rebecca how can we give our opinion when we dont even know why you suspect you might be pregnant!



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