I Need Baby Dust Anyone Out There

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****** - March 16

hey there peeps..im so darn sad right about now..i have been trying & trying to get pregnant since oct...& it seems like AF is just messing with me cuz nov i missed my period so thought yay maybe its something..right when im going to take my test dec 1st..i got my period boy did i cry & cry & cry...so im like i hope next month god will bless us..& i got AF in janUARY & february came around i was just waiting for my period to come around n the day i was supposed to start didnt get on my underwear just brown & light blood when i wiped..& clear stuff mixed with brownish stuff & it went away so fast no more then two-three days..& now its march 15th and i still havent started my period..but im so scared that im gonna start this month..like i honesty dont noe what i would do if i wasnt pregnant..ive been noticing some signs but im like its all n my head why get my hopes up if AF is gonna come ;*( if theres anyone out there that can talk to me thats going thru the same thang pls write back to me..i need all the baby dust i can get..pls i know you peeps dont noe me but pls pray for me & my boyfriend..thanks!


G - March 16

Sounds like there's a chance you could be. Just wait a few days and take a test to know for sure. I know the feeling about wanting a baby and then not getting it, I had a miscarage that was hard ro deal with. But now i have a beautiful baby. You just gotta trust that when the time is right it will happen. Your in my prayers. GOOD LUCK!


****** - March 16

aww thanks so much "g" im really hoping that iam..& im so scared to take a test..you just dont noe how i feel right about now..i want a baby so bad..thanks alot though~


G - March 16

I felt the same way after my micarage when we started trying. Every month i wanted to take a test on the morning i was supposed to start. I couldn't even wait one more day. Once again GOOD LUCK. *********BABY DUST*******


******* - March 16

anyone out there...? gaw i just hope af doesnt came around this month..im gonnna pray..& if it comesss omggggg ;*( i needdd some courage here ;*(


LORI - March 16



****** - March 16

thanks lori ;) i sureee need it


******* - March 17

anyone out there care to talk..thats n the same boat a__s me.....


confused - March 17

*****~~~Baby dust to you~~~***** Good luck... we are all praying for you!!! xoxo


Kim - March 19

Hi there... well you sound alot like me, I did write something in here a few days ago, but I don't even see it posted...anyways I know exactly how you feel...I have wanted a baby forever..I will be forty in June and feel like it will never happen and I get upset everytime. I'm beginning to think that the symptons are all in the head also! I also have gotten the brown discharge.Iam five days late and last night I took a test and it was negative, I was so upset I cried myself to sleep. I have been with my man since last April and we got engaged over the holidays...Pls pray for me as I will pray for you! baby dust to you!


jen - March 19

don't give up. even if you aren't pregnant this month, you shouoldn't give up - you and I have been trying for the same amount of time and I am not pregnant yet - but it takes on average a year to conveive, and can take longer. no matter what, a baby will come at the best time for you - have patience - I know it's hard, trust me! - but don't give up and remember you are normal for not being pregnant yet. good luck!


me - March 19

it sounds like you coulkd be up to 8 weeks gone by now, and sounds like you may be pregnant. i hope that it comes easily to you coz i know how hard it is.



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