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AmyJP - December 5

ok, so i had a m/c in feb of this year and after that i havent been able to have a regular period. the last period i had was about 4 months ago and that was because i took progesteron because the previouse 3 months i also had no period. so now i have cramping in my lower stomach n on both sides of ovaries. i have been falling asleep every minute i can, and today my br___ts atrted feeling tender. the cramping i thought was a sign of my period coming but its lasted since saturday and nothing. i have been just a little queasy, but very moody. mostly crying for everything. i have heard doctors say that you can get pregnant even if u dont get a period, but ive missed about 4. is there a chance i might be pregnant? should i test? even though i think it is impossible for me to be pregnant?


mjvdec01 - December 5

You don't have to be having periods to ovulate. I a sahm of two. Our daughter will be three in February and our son is 4.5 months. I can say from experience that the symptoms you describe do sound very suspect. If I were you I would test in the morning with first moring urine. If you get a negative test, and symptoms persist, then you need to be seen for aditional blood work and a possible ultrasound. Good luck to you. Please let me know what happens.


AmyJP - December 5

thank you mjvdec01 for your reply. i will test, but i will give it at least another week to get the most precise answer as possible. al though these cramps have been killing me. is it normal if some one is pregnant and to have cramps but with no bleeding at the begginging of the pregnancy?


tbenitez - December 5

Hi AmyJP, Yes, during early pregnancy it is normal to have light cramping without bleeding. Good luck on your pregnancy test!


AmyJP - December 5

thank you tbenitez for replying as well, i really appreciate it. i would realy love to be pregnant, so hopefully i finally get a bfp!


mjvdec01 - December 6

In my experience, the cramping comes about the time you would test positive on an hpt. Being pregnant and having a baby is the most wonderful thing a woman can experience. I really hope you get your wish.



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