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Nichole - May 5

ok im 15 years old and i had s_x for the first time on tuesday and we didnt use a condom.he told me that he didnt c_m inside of me but im not sure and i dont trust he is eather!!!so if i were to go to the doctor would the doctor be able to tell weather im pregnant or not and if i an how do you think i should tell my mom ????i mean i really scared and i dont know what to do ??do you think im pregnant???????????????????


Be smarter - May 5

I think you should tell your mom so you can talk about birth control options. At 15.....you definately don't want to be raising a family. You are still a kid even though in your own mind you feel grown up. I hope you are not pregnant but you really need to be smarter! Good luck.


Heather - May 5

Nichole ~ I think it is good you are thinking of telling your mother. You are smart enough to realize that you need to tell her. Good for you! Only you will know how she would react to this sort of thing so think carefully about the best way to tell her in your own way & bite the bullet and tell her. I would seriously consider getting on birth control if you are going to be s_xually active. Also you do need to remember that birth control does not protect you in ANY way from s_xually transmitted diseases! The short time you have unprotected s_x is not worth the lifetime you could be facing with a disease. ALWAYS use a condom! No matter what a guy tells you... You HAVE to use one. Even if he doesn't c_m inside you there is always a thing called pre-c_m that does. As for the pregnant thing, you will have to wait for a couple of weeks to see if you did in fact become pregnant. The dr wouldn't be able to tell you yet.


to Nicole - May 5

Hey, it's good you are posting here because it shows you are mature enough to be concerned and understand some of the possible consequences. I really hope it all goes okay for you because if you're worried like this now, I'm sure you won't want to go through all this agony again next month!





Chriss - May 5

I've posted something to the following question by Anjulina "I NEED SOMEONES HELP IM 15 AND MAY BE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!" This definately applies to you as well.


Lesley - May 5

I think the sooner you talk to your mother about it the sooner you can see a doctor if you ar pg. It maybe scary at first,but you can get through it. Just like s_x the first time is always scary and little painful, but it always get through it. good luck talking to your mother.


lesley / nichole - May 5

thanks for your help but i feel it would be better to tell my older sister first or figure out wether or not im pg then tell them if i am


nichole i need HELP???? - May 5

would it be a good idea to tell the guy i did it with for the first time?????????



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