I Need Help Am I Pregnant Gt

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JusCallMeSteph07 - June 16

My last NORMAL period was May 15th. So since my periods are usually 25 days apart I should have started June 8th. But instead when I actually got my period on June 11th, it was like a brown stringy mucus with a bit or bright red ??? My period are usually 3 days, I'm now on my 5th day. 2 days borwn mucus, 1 day light pink and then 2 days light brown spotting .....Which I have never had before.... I have had spells of gas and burps which is not like me at all. And it hasn't been like a nausea but more like a seasick feeling in my stomach when take a few bites. Extreme Fatigue, i wake up and go to bed tired... The only other thing is I generally hate milk and in the last week or so I have drank milk with everything I eat. I took a pregnancy test when I realized I was late but it was negative ......So I had a blood test done and I just knew it would be positive but yet again ..... negative? Does Anyone have any idea what is going on or if it is pregnancy related ???? PLEASE HELP!


Saird - June 16

You could just have an imbalance hormonally. That would cause a lighter period and women's cycles can change from time to time. If your blood test was negative, it's unlikely you are pregnant.


Rhonda - June 16

I agree.


Lin - June 16

It doesn't sound at all like you're pregnant, especially if your period was longer than usual. Sometimes the texture of the flow can be very different, even if it's almost always predictable. Our bodies can play tricks on us.


Grandpa Viv - June 17

Pink and brown spotting is how implantation is often described, usually not as heavy as you suggest. Could you have had a contraceptive mishap the last weekend of May? If so, I don't think you should rule out the possibility of pregnancy just yet. Why don't you test again tomorrow morning first pee and once more a week later. Good luck!


JusCallMeSteph07 - June 17

It wasn't heavy enough for a pad, just heavy enough for a panty liner. And I usually have terrible cramps with my periods and I didn't have any with this one.


Lin - June 17

Implantation bleeding, which isn't very common despite what you read on this site, would be far more likely to occur *before* your period was due or at the time it was due than afterward. It is also usually not substantial enough to even need a pantyliner and most often just a little bit of pink when you wipe once or twice (and before anyone complains that it could be more substantial, I'm talking about the most likely scenario of an occurance that's unlikely in the first place). If you don't believe a negative blood test, then what *will* convince you that you're not pregnant?


Rhonda - June 17

Blood pregnancy test are almost 100% effective.And if it had been at least fourteen days from the suspected day(s)of conception,then the bpt is probably correct.If you are having a milk craving,it's probably just your bodies way of telling you ,that you need the vitamins and protein found in the milk.But you can keep testing if you feel like you are pregnant.


ksmom - June 17

it doesnt matter if the blood test came back negative, id be careful on what you do........Lin, i got preg in feb and the only time i got told i was pregnant was april 24th (but i had lost the baby a week before) the doctor told me, i had an ultrasound begininng of april (they seen it there but never told me), and i had blood, urine, everything that could be tested to see if i was pregnant and it said i wasnt. So JustCallMeSteph, be careful cuz you could be pregnant!!! good luck and baby dust to you


Lin - June 17

ksmom, you're making the mistake of a__suming that since it happened to you, it must be common. That's just NOT the case, and there's absolutely no point in telling people they can be pregnant when the likelihood is so remotely small. There's a very big difference between barely possible and probable. Getting her hopes up about it won't change a thing other than make the fall farther when the most likely scenario unfolds.



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