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m - October 10

to 005 when did you start feeling it and when was it +? was the feelings stronger than last time you were preg?


kate - October 10

005 please us more detail. when did u first feel it?


m - October 11



z - October 11



M - October 11

I had a m/c july 4th, 1999, Got pg July 22nd 1999 and deliverd a healthy baby boy April 2000. I got a + in Sept. 1999. though i don't remember the day. My dr was surprised, he said that I shouldn't have gotten pg that soon, but I did. I started having sympts. Around 1st week in August, but I was so depressed from the m/c that I didn't really notice them. I hope this helps.


m - October 11

I had a missed mc at 6 wks and found out at 9 wks that was on Sep 9. I bled for about 4 days and we start trying from 2 weeks after the mc. i was fine up to about 4th Oct when i started getting very nausa and tried all the time also didnt wana eat at all with little cramps in my lower abs and peeing alottttttttt. I thought i was preg again but yesterday it got worse with hot flashs and the ab pain increased. I started spotting very faint red. so I think thats my period comming but i dont know, it feels so different and alot more painfull and why was i feeling all that other stuff.


mo - October 12

ok ok...haha. I havent been on since my last reply so hee it is. YES when I tested the first time(before i m/c) the test result line was soooooo faint you almost couldnt see it AND I had no symtoms at all during the 7 weeks before i m/c. This time when i tested, the results line was soooooooooooo DARK that for me it was a good sign. Also I have had nothing but headaches, nausea, heartburn, runny nose, cold, cough, hot flashes, peeing all the time, tired as hell, my smelling senses have sky rocketed, i can wear perfume or even be around someone that is. I used to smoke, now i cant stand the smell of it! I'm falling asleep the second i lay down (when i plan to watch tv) i pa__s out. i have no energy, im lazy and weak. i hope this helps, oh and i started feeling this after a week of missed a/f. Good luck & baby dust to all!



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