I NEED HELP Im 14 And I Think I May Be Pregnant

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annoymous - May 27

ok me and my bf had unprotected s_x on april 26 ..and i was juss gettn over my period (we took a bath so the blood would stop)..n e way i was suppose 2 get my period on the 23 of this month...and i did..but not heavy...actually barely at all..i didnt even need 2 wear a pad this month caz it only came out..either when i wiped..or had s_x (we had s_x 2 days afta spottin ,but protected this time)..(and another thing i ALWAYS get my period heavy)but it wasnt even that much..it only came out a little heavier for like 10 mins on one of those days...now i have nothing ..and also like a week before my spottin..my nipples hurt really bad..and i took a nap and they hurt even worse..thats another thing..durin the middle of the day i get tired from EVERYTHING..i went to the stores today and when i got home i fell right 2 sleep..but im not really bloatin..i think i was for just a day and thats it.. but i dont know im soo upset..my bf is bringin me to planned parenthood on wed.and were gonna get tested but i need your answers ..i would like 2 kno before then or if thats even necessary ..im soooo scared plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me!!!!!!


to annonymous - May 27

it sounds like you might be pg. i'm glad to hear that you and bf are going to planned parenthood on wed. they can help you there, answer a lot of questions and even "counsel" you on your options. stay positive.


genevie - May 28

you shouldnt be active so early its not healthy and especially that your so young you can get alot of infections faster


annoymous - May 28

hes the only guy i slept with..i lsot my virginity 2 him...we been datin for almost 2 yrs..n im juss worried caz hes 18 and im 14..well turnin 15 mon..but i have a crazy family ..n me and him wuld both be murdered


Allison - May 28

when a fertilized egg implants itself in the uterus it sometimes causes some bleeding which usually happens around the time you would have gotten your period, but it is usually lighter than a period and light (pink or brown) in color. it sounds like that might be what you experienced. also, the fact that you aren't bloated doesn't mean you're not pregnant. some people have very few or no early pregnancy signs. based on the possible implantation bleeding and your other symptoms, it sounds very possible that you are pregnant. the decision you make about what to do if you are pregnant, whatever it may be, will have a huge impact on the rest of your life, so make it carefully and thoughtfully. take good care of yourself.



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