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Whitney56 - April 10

FYI: Yes, I've been to doctors. However, they haven't been able to tell me anything and said just wait it out. I've been trying but nothing is getting better so I am just looking for a second opinion from people who have been through the same thing. I have been doc_menting my symptoms so this is as detailed as I could get it. Please help. I am 17 first off. For five weeks now I've been sick, More or less I'm really light headed and slightly nauseous in the mornings, as in I feel as if I'm going to faint or throw up (but even when I'm really sick I'm not a thrower upper, it's always been pretty hard for me to). Also, I have to force myself to eat breakfast because food just sounds awful and about a half hour afterward I feel as if I'm either going to throw up or get extremely sick and faint, again. Headaches come and go throughout the mornings and I when I stand up I tend to black out for a few seconds and then I'm okay. Usually around ten or ten thirty I am feel much much better, which is weird.. That's my mornings, everyday. On weekends I wake up around eight with a headache and then sleep until eleven and wake up feeling less nauseated. I get about seven to eight hours of sleep every night, but I still have no energy to do anything all day. I used to work out everyday, but when I try to now I can barely do anything because I am just so fatigued. I try to stay relatively active and not stay in bed all day, but it even doing the dishes is really hard without having to sit down. I wake up in the mornings and showering is like a workout because of how tired I am. This week, (since Sunday April 4th) I have been BLOATED. Now, I thought it was from gas because I have been "expelling" a lot. Also I have noticed I'm very constipated. So stared taking Gas-X every night since Monday and using Mira lax (a stool softener) everyday for the past five days. I have been going regularly, two to three times a day, along with the Gas-X but my stomach is still huge and I'm still burping and farting a lot, gross. It is hard and slightly sore around the bottom and never really goes down throughout the day. I can't wear regular clothes because it's uncomfortable and embarrassing, so i just wear sweats everyday to hide it. I've weighted myself and I've gained about two pounds since my last doctors visit the week before. My lower back is sore a lot. Sometimes I the pain is pretty bad but it usually levels off after an hour or so and is tolerable. This happens about three times a day, and is happening now. I don't drink an excessive amount of liquids, but I urinate about ten million times a day. At school my teachers are becoming suspicious that I got once or twice everyday in their class periods. Now here is the weird part for me: My br___ts. They are so tender, especially when I'm laying down. The nipple area is kinda darker than usual, and they have grown a little, nothing others can notice but I can. I started crying while watching Freedom Writers in class and during a commercial on saving animals. So I've noticed I've been super emotional and everything seems to bother me. Now, I think I've covered mostly everything that I've been feeling. I went to the doctor about three times in the last three weeks and took three urine tests and a blood test, all negative. So I don't know if I am pregnant and it was too early or too late or what. They tested my thyroid, my stomach in a CT scan, an STD test which was negative, and every other test they think would help and found nothing. So they told me not to worry and wait it out, which I've been doing but nothing is improving. I calculated my s_x life and I figured if I was pregnant I would be about seven to nine weeks along and my symptoms started happening about four to five weeks ago. My period is in fifteen days so I wouldn't be having these PMS symptoms so early, and my br___ts have never been tender and I've been on the same birth control for a year and never had any of these other problems. And about four weeks ago I bleed really brown blood for about two days and then it started to get pink and clotted on my last period thirteen days ago. I'm not imagining it because I don't want to be pregnant and wasn't trying to be or anything but these symptoms are happening. And if I was I wouldn't tell my now ex because I wouldn't want to ruin his life. Plus I thought I was pregnant before and told him how I felt but they told me I wasn't. I really need a second opinion so if it's not pregnancy, thyroid, stomach or whatever I do not know what is going on. Any advice or similar stories would be really helpful!!:D Thanks, Whitney.


Grandpa Viv - April 10

You have every right to be worried. These are pretty cla__sic pregnancy signs, but they can be caused by a hormone imbalance for other reasons, which is why they checked the thyroid. Have you had an ultrasound to see if you have an ovarian cyst? Was the blood test qualitative, or the more sensitive quant_tative? Was your s_xual encounter during the fertile window and unprotected, or was it low risk? Keep pestering the docs. GL!



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